Too cold for the last of our intrepid Monarchs to fly away today.

Our last little Monarch to emerge struggled to gain the warmth needed for takeoff. What is the minimum air temperature needed to allow Monarchs to fly? When at Cape May several weeks ago and witnessing a large overnight roost of butterflies, the air temperature the following morning was the same as Gloucester’s temperature this morning–low forties–but the sun was shining. No sunshine today, combined with the low temperature, made flying impossible. Monarchs cluster together in overnight roosts for warmth. Our little guy was all alone on an isolated branch and with temperatures expected to dip into the mid thirties, I brought him indoors for the night.

Why the late season stragglers? Warmer than usual fall temperatures allowed eggs and caterpillars to reach maturity when in colder years, freezing temperatures would have prevented development

Some Monarchs begin migrating southward as early as August. And as we have seen, during the warm fall season of 2017 in particular, as late as November. The Monarch migration continues until halted by freezing temperatures. This staggered migration is yet another chapter in the survival strategy of the Monarch’s life story. If all Monarchs began migrating at exactly the same time, a powerful storm or hurricane, such as Harvey or Irma, could have devastating consequences on a great many Monarchs.

Sotheby’s auction tanked as Berkshire Museum art yanked & Paul Manship sculpture soared past estimate

The November 13, 2017 evening art sales –counting buyers’ premiums–totaled nearly $500,000,000  between two major NYC auction houses: Sotheby’s American Art sales were $19,407,375 and Christies Impressionism and Modern Art sales were $479,000,000 million.

The Sotheby’s sale was unusual because 7 of its 84 star lots were withdrawn just before the auction, a result of the Berkshire Museum litigation. (The combined conservative value of potential sales for the museum lots was $30,000,000 at the low presale estimate range. If the art is sold in the future its value will be more because of the increased familiarity.) Other Sotheby’s lots went unsold. Two Norman Rockwell works surpassed their estimates.  Of note for Gloucester artists fans, Paul Manship’s sculpture heavily surpassed its estimate. One Milton Avery sold within its estimate range while a second went unsold. There was a selection of original and rare Paul Manship sculpture for sale in Gloucester this summer (here’s the link).

Manship sold above estimate.jpg
detail of Paul Manship (1885-1966)  Diana, 1921, which sold for $975,000 at Sotheby’s on November 13, 2017  (hammer Price with Buyer’s Premium) Sotheby’s presale estimate was $400,000-$600,000

Christies sale night had several surprises including records for Leger ($71,000,000)

Christies Leger record breaker Fernand Léger (1881-1955), Contraste de formes, 1913. 36⅜ x 28⅞ in (92.4 x 73.2 cm). Sold for $70,062,500 in the Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sa

and a gorgeous Vuillard,


and big bidding for Van Gogh ($81,000,000 million).

Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890), Laboureur dans un champ, painted in Saint Rémy, early September 1889. 19⅞ x 25½ in (50.3 x 64.9 cm). Sold for $81,312,500 in the Impressionist & Modern

Christies superstar Fall lot is still to come and in all the news: Salvator Mundi –attributed to Leonardo da Vinci– will be sold in the contemporary sale alongside Warhol tomorrow. It’s been for sale since it was rediscovered in the oughts, but no museum purchased it and experts debate its hand and condition. The opening bid for the “lost Leonardo” will be $100,000,000. A Jean Michel Basquit sold for $110,500,000 last May. Christie’s marketing hype video “The Last da Vinci…”




SAVE THE DATES! Storewide Holiday Sale

November 1, 2017 By DIVA

Donna’s Infinite Variety of Adornments
161 Main Street, Gloucester, MA 01930

WHEN: Saturday, November 11th – Sunday, December 3rd
HOURS: 10:30AM – 5:00PM (closed on Sundays and Mondays until the 3rd)

NOTE: DIVA will be closed on Sundays and Mondays until December 3rd and will then be open all Sundays (not Mondays) throughout December.


I am delighted to have this yearly sale before the holidays and everything will be on sale from 12-20% OFF!!!


978-879-4119 OR 617-447-7527

(Glad to schedule private appointments)

Hope to see you here and have a great holiday season!

NOTE: DIVA will be closed, except by appointment, from January 14th – March 31st, 2018

Holiday Sale Gloucester MA

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Sunday Morning at Lighthouse Beach

Much thanks to Paul Horovitz for this crisp fall photo from Lighthouse Beach.  Extra happy to use it as my blog post today since in addition to giving me this photo….he also gave me some “homework” to work on for a meeting tomorrow. I had fun adding some water color filters to it.  Blog post done.  Homework about to begin.


Accepting Nominations For The GMG Cape Ann’s Best Donut Challenge

Just nominate a Donut Shop if you would please in the comment section on this post.  Nomination period ends Satuday morning at 5AM.  Top four nominations will go head to head in a taste off Sunday morning at the GloucesterCast podcast taping.

If you’re a loyal long time GMG reader you remember the Steak Bomb Challenge-


Also the Italian Sub Challenge-


This post will be stickied for a week.  The top four vote getting Donut Shops will go head to head in a blind taste /presentation test.  Blind meaning that the judges will not know where each donut came from.

To nominate, please place a comment on this post or on the Facebook post.

Nomination totals as of 7:03PM 11/17/17 (I’ll update these each day)-