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Link to Purchase- Link To GMG Store

Link to Purchase- Link To GMG Store


“Seal Rock” is without a doubt, the Harbor Seals favorite rock. There is usually a “king (or queen) for the morning,” and they determine who is allowed on the rock and who is not. Typically, the queen is the largest and she lets the visitor know, with lots of loud grunting and growling, if they are not welcome.

Harbor Seals are site faithful, meaning they will spend their lives along the same stretch of coastline where they were born, fish, and haul out.

Even though seals look like they are basking in the sun, they are actually hauled out to thermoregulate. Seals do not like to touch each other. Observe closely next time you see a raft on the rocks and you will notice that they go to great lengths not to physically come in contact with one another.

Brace Rock and “Seal Rock”

I am reposting the Harbor Seal psa because of a recent incident. What would be your initial reaction if you saw a seal hauled out on the beach? Most likely, to get up close to the seal to see if it was injured. That is human nature but it is actually the worst action you could take. The Harbor Seal in this video struggled to survive the world of curious humans. By approaching too closely, you could very well force the seal back into the water. Harbor Seals, especially juveniles, haul out for a variety of reasons, mostly to rest, less likely because of injury or illness, and oftentimes to escape a shark.


Celebrate Small Business Saturday with Present as we release our holiday ornaments! Foxes, narwhals, angels and more! The artists of Present will have wonderful things for your tree. Come early for the best selection!

A salute to the American turkey!

A turkey is a large bird in the genus Meleagris, which is one of only two birds native to America’s.  They were first called “Indian turkeys”.  An infant is called a “chick”, “poult” or turklette.  

They were once almost no Turkey’s to be found but now we find them everywhere, even in our yards.  They can be aggressive toward humans and pets.  Wild Turkey’s have a social structure or pecking order and humans are low on that order.  They believe 

they can dominate and that we are subordinates.  So as you eat your turkey on Thursday remember they were here first, be grateful they were!

#GloucesterMA on WGBH TV & Morning Edition radio: Jared Bowen Open Studio covers Cape Ann Museum Fitz Henry Lane exhibition

In case you missed the tv and radio coverage:

The Cape Ann Museum was featured on the WGBH TV program, Open Studio with Jared Bowen on November 10 and 11. Bowen interviewed Cape Ann Museum staff Martha Oaks and Georgia Barnhill about the fabulous new Fitz Henry Lane exhibition.  “They also toured the Lane House, so there are some good outside shots of Gloucester!”  Click the picture below or follow the link.

#GloucesterMA Cape Ann Museum Fitz Henry Lane exhibition featured on WGBH Open Studio with Jared Bowen.jpg
WGBH Open Studio with Jared Bowen espisode 2162 aired Nov 10th and 11th 

VIDEO LINK FOR THE WGBH REPORT timestamp 1:08- 5:18min

Bowen was interviewed on WGBH radio Morning Edition, and high lighted this special Lane exhibition (begins at the 4:47 mark)

WGBH Morning Edition high lights  Cape Ann Museum new Fitz henry Lane exhibition.jpg

The Cape Ann Museum Drawn From Nature and Stone: Lithographs of Fitz Henry Lane exhibition opened October 4th and will continue through March 4, 2018. Cape Ann Museum is located at 27 Pleasant Street in Gloucester, MA. Look for special programming inspired by the exhibition. Next up: Emerald Rae concert at the Cape Ann Museum
Saturday, November 25 at 3:00 p.m
a concert inspired by Fitz Henry Lane’s Sheet Music covers

cool Lane exhibition programming.jpg

Exhibition Sponsors include John Rando| Jerry and Margaretta Hausman  |  Linzee and Beth Coolidge  |  Jay Last | J.J. and Jackie Bell  |  Bill and Anne Kneisel  |  Arthur Ryan | International Fine Print Dealers Association  |  American Historical Print Collectors Society, Inc. | Beauport Hospitality Group

Seacoast Holiday Fair


Seacoast Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
282 Washington Street (behind Addison Gilbert Hospital)
Gloucester, MA 01930

Date/Time Information:

November 25, 2017
9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Contact Information:

Alison Cox 978-283-0300 x124

Send an Email


Free admission but many things you may want to purchase. Vendor space is available for $25

Long Beach November: At the back of Cape Ann Motor Inn

November 20 2017 Cape Ann Motor Inn Long Beach.jpg

How close is the Cape Ann Motor Inn to Long beach? On it! So close most days they need to sweep sand out of the parking lot. They told me that they have been busier all seasons, especially since they renovated the rooms a couple of years ago.


LIVE: James Prendergast Library only sold 3 at Sotheby’s! Rockwell fetches 6.2 million

Christie’s and Sotheby’s held dueling LIVE auctions on November 21, 2017. Christie’s American sale offered 93 lots resulting in $34,131,500 total sales, nearly 7x the total sales of Sotheby’s which featured less than 67 lots because the Berkshire Museum lots were pulled from the sale. Sotheby’s* failed to sell more than 1/2 of the first 45 lots. I’ll update after the sales have ended. *Sotheby’s sale is now closed. The auction house sold just 34 of 67 lots, total sales  (including Buyer’s Premium) were $5,858,250. Christie’s sold 72 of 91 lots today.

It turns out that the James Prendergast Library deaccession (see prior GMG post) would have made more money and kept the art in Jamestown if they had not brought the art to market at Sotheby’s. Here are the three of  nine paintings to find collectors; two went under estimate.


One of Sotheby’s best lots today was a Dame Laura Knight which sold for $560,000, right within its estimate range.

dame laura knight  BRIT 1877-1970 The Fairground Penzance ca 1912 oc 55 x 75 sotheby's last sold in 1983 est 400 to 600000.jpg

Hammer prices unless otherwise indicated:

Christie’s Lot 15 Norman Rockwell What Makes it Tick, a 1948 oil on canvas, sold for 6.2million  (just above its pre sale high estimate, 4 million to 6 million) which came to $7,287,500 after buyer’s premiums were factored. Rockwell’s Returning from Camp fetched 1.9 million. A Winslow Homer Tynemouth watercolor fetched a hammer price of $170,000, above its presale estimate range of 100,000-150,000. The Martin Johnson Heade failed to sell; the Milton Avery self portrait went for $45,000 at the gavel drop; and the Paul Manship sculpture was unsold, bidding failing to climb past $240,000 (pre sale estimate was $300,000 to $500,000.)


DECA the Halls is coming on December 3, 2017 Sponsored by Rockport High School

DECA the halls

DECA the Halls is coming on December 3, 2017

Sponsored by Rockport High School 

12-5 PM 

Tour starts at Rockport Inn and Suites and is self guided 

Our FB address and web site address is below—check out facebook for updates and information and visit our website to buy tickets online

http:// seashellsandjinglebellsrkpt.

Chappy Ferry

I am beyond intrigued by what it must be like to live on Chappaquiddick.  While on Martha’s Vineyard this past weekend, I stood and watched the ferry load up on the mainland side, steam across the channel, allow the vehicles to disembark, load the first three vehicles in line on the Chappy side, and return.  It took 5 1/2 minutes.  Fascinating.

I tried to imagine what it must be like for residents living on Chappaquiddick to get accustomed to a lifestyle that involves that daily commute…possibly several times a day.  While the ride across is mere minutes…I can imagine that some days the time spent sitting in line waiting to board is monumental. The car ferry can only take two or three cars at one time so wait times can easily add up.

Then I started thinking about the school children who need to get across the channel to attend school…assuming Chappy doesn’t have its own school.  I’m sure there are many people who know no other way…