Alicia Unleashed- 40 days and 40 nights

Recorded 11/22/17

Episode 70-Gobbled til we wobbled


Alicia and B-side catch up on the last 41 days since a recording of the podast. Special appearance by Talia in the beginning.

Shout out to our “Secret Listeners” and “radio magic”.

Happy Thanksgiving!

2 thoughts on “Alicia Unleashed- 40 days and 40 nights

  1. Interesting topics and lot’s if issues addressed (very and very painful hard Issues). One thing I will say is be extra careful with some Media and Social media Networking sites verification of is extremely difficult. (The Hate – Terrorist items are very painful and will always impact those that care the most of life and it’s many challenges. I can say in the firearms issues all point back to the end user human. There is also a major study public I was aware of and read as it’s an area I follow also very painful! June 1990 Toy Guns Involvement in crime and encounters with the Police. A research project mandated by the United States Congress Public law 100-615). There is a lot of forced actions with airsoft so realistic looking and functionality! Another hard quote; “Where we go, there is no next time, no second chance, no time out!” – (2002 FCDA- SRT friend sent me this quote he worked team leader). “Time action reaction…:-O

    One should always walk back to look forward. What I will day is databases are only as good as the information contained in them. Enforcement of existing laws needs to be enforced and followed. I can say Massachusetts does have a very high entry into this database. Under investigation so more will come later not as fast as the internet of course to do it right it takes time (Seek the Truth, not agenda’s)!!

    In order to understand one must listen to learn and understand regardless of the message!! Why two ears, two eyes, and only one mouth

    I am quoted here to some very solid advice I follow.

    “Eventually, I came to realize my problem. Wisdom is a wonderful goal, but each of us must find it on our own. Those of us compelled to share what wisdom we have learned on our unique paths risk alienating those who are not ready to move in the direction of our own interest or focus. This is a great challenge for Leaders, Teachers (Wisdom Keepers-Spirit Builders).”

    I was born in MA Somerville and 1958-1968 Lanesville MA so foundation and roots there!

    Kick back and I do feel this way at times…

    Hall & Oates – Heartbreak Time



  2. Sorry for all the typos. Those cases are indeed very sad and it’s going to take some time to fully investigate until then it’s just best to stay tuned! Place is really gearing up for holidays enjoy them! 🙂 Dave


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