How easily do you get offended?

There’s obviously more important things in the world to worry about right now than if Cam Newton is sexist. Seriously? Are you kidding me right now?  Last night I watched the news to see what the fuss was about.  I sat there and watched Cam Newton’s Q & A and then it was over. I looked at Mr. E and said “I don’t get it what did he say that is getting all this attention?”

His intentions we’re not malicious, clearly playful and probably in his eyes true. Honestly I think he was little turned on. (Wait, wait was that offensive?) Don’t read what everyone is talking about go ahead and watch the conference for yourself.

Why is everyone so sensitive and offended by every single thing that is said these days?

It’s a bit crazy and annoying that people just can’t be who they want to be and everything has to be censored. If I was that reporter I would have come back with something also funny and playful. Come on people lighten up!

Take the poll and discuss.


7 thoughts on “How easily do you get offended?

  1. Alicia, I have not been keeping up with the news as it can be a bit too much all the way around my personal feelings! Sort of like politics I try to avoid that area also for my own personal reasons while there are many who speak from there heats and that I like! I will have to review this before voting!

    Consult the many crows woman too quoted below from a present I was presented by native friend at the residence here too! Thanks 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    “SPIRIT HELPER – Many Crows Woman!!”

    “(Let her be your friend. She has no eyes, so she cannot judge you. Her feet leave no tracks, so you are the only one to know she is there. She has no hands to meddle in things not about her. Tell her you’re hopes, your dreams, and your fears – those things that make you happy, things that make you sad. All these thoughts she will guard very carefully, so when you need them the most for strength, this little Spirit helper will give them back to you. Take her wherever you go and know that you have a friend always)!”


  2. Actually, the correct choice would be Playful, Stupid and Inappropriate. I don’t know what you do for a living, but if your boss or clients or other people you dealt with ignored the quality of your work and were like, ” Ahh, that’s cute. A girl talking about business” you probably wouldn’t like that, especially when it started affecting your status, salary, potential promotion, etc.
    I’m a man so I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure women worked hard for decades to be taken seriously in the media in general, but especially in sports journalism. In 2017 the situation is far better than it used to be, but there are still athletes like Cam Newton who live in their little boy, Peter Pan world and sit their dumb asses in front of cameras and microphones and try to turn the clock back to 1977…


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