VIDEO: 2017 Fishermen’s Memorial Service

3 thoughts on “VIDEO: 2017 Fishermen’s Memorial Service

  1. Thank You Marty! Bless them all and their families and community what a turnout too, Beautiful voice singer guitar man too! So much to be thankful for and they live on inside all they touched! Dave & Kim

    P.S. Notice the waves are keeping the flowers close to memorial too! Butterflies carry the messages also dedicated to all!

    ♥♥ “IF”…a picture paints a thousand words, than why can’t I paint you?” ♥♥ 1971 “Bread”


  2. Thank you Marty for capturing this beautiful Ceremony on video. I think the Fishermen’s Memorial Ceremony defines the heart and soul of Gloucester’s historic place in America. We are reminded that commercial fishing was, and still is, a very dangerous profession. So many families, through so many generations, denied a husband, father, son, uncle, nephew for the rest of their lives. Many thanks to Alexandra Grace and Josh Cominelli for their beautiful performances at the Ceremony.


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