Back to the Beach before the Brood! Piping plover friends and fans gathering on Good Harbor Beach Sunday 4pm

Save the date!

Piping plover friends gathering on Good Harbor Beach

Sunday June 2nd 2019 at 4pm

Gather on the beach by the No. 3 beach path sign

Meet Kim Smith! Reconnect and meet & greet for some fun before the 2019 brood is here!

If the chicks have hatched we’ll be able to keep a good distance. If they haven’t we’ll have a piping plover bracket ready.

If you can’t come to this one, not to worry! This is a first but not the last one of the 2019 season. See below for ways to follow along and participate.

NEW for 2019 Sign up for a volunteer shift here

  • See Kim Smith updates on GMG 
  • For live updates from the field/volunteers see “Glostaplover” Twitter here. Share sightings!  @glostaplover #glostaplover. That morphed into Website here. 2018 log here. 2017 log here
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Great DPW crew at Good Harbor Beach parking lot 

Gloucester MASS Good Harbor Beach lot attendants DPW staff wonderful_20180610_©c ryan

PATIENT city staff doing their job- Joe Lucido and Kenny Ryan (not pictured),  Brennah S, Dick Kelley, Wayne White, and John Harris all gave a shout out to GMG this morning.

piping plover chick update from this morning-

Day 4 Good Harbor Beach Gloucester Mass piping plover volunteers ©c ryan.jpg

@Glostaplover sharing updates from the piping plover volunteers

Thanks to city staff like Ken Whittaker, Gloucesters conservation agent, and  experts  like Kim Smith, volunteers have been inspired  to have some fun helping wildlife in our own backyard.  You can join in and follow their reports on Twitter

The  2018 reports are also logged here

No sign in required for either format. There’s a link for the 2017 records, too. Last year’s monitors were all ages and a few commuted from over the bridge. One mother daughter duo from the tri-state area  scheduled a volunteer vacation in Gloucester because of Kim Smith and the city’s outreach!

As I write, folks have an eye  on the plover pair in the Good Harbor Beach parking lot (still) incubating 4 eggs (still). Sign up with Ken Whittaker for a shift Last year’s post about how to sign up. Everything ramps up for chicks.

(through the binoculars-  distraction dashing as crow went by )


Good Harbor Beach volleyball players assist the piping plovers and

it’s not the first time! Love these stories. #sharetheshore

From Hazel, piping plover volunteer: I was round the bend (!) replacing signs a little later – one of the volleyball players said he had escorted both of them to the creek. I have been turning people back from playa del plover & maybe 1/2 hr ago a small boy spotted an adult as he (the boy) was leaving.


Dave (whisperer) and Bill


link to Gloucester Plover on twitter:

link to Google docs Volunteer log 

#Glostaplover Twitter home page help.jpg

“Parking lot line for Good Harbor Beach is twenty deep” Please share your piping plover sightings! #Glostaplover


“Going to be a busy day,” says Ruth who just left a piping plover watch. Are you going to Good Harbor Beach? Let us know if you see the piping plovers.  Feel free to clap off some gulls or crows getting too close, and share what you saw and the time. Add #Glostaplover and we can find it.

When Ruth left, they were by the creek. They could be anywhere–they move around throughout the day and night. For the most part they range a big area roughly by entrance 3 and wrapping way back around the creek end of Good Harbor Beach (rather than the Salt Island side)

Don’t miss Kim Smith’s photographs from yesterday PLOVER PATROL UPDATE FROM DAY TWENTY SIX!




Soggy start for baby piping plover on day 19

soggy startThe chick made it through the night. From today’s Gloucester Daily Times

One Surviving Piping Plover Chick Remains

Also Local firefighters Make Way for Ducklings  and six Fire Fighters retire

Updates from the piping plover volunteer watch are shared LIVE (or close to it) throughout the day on twitter

Volunteer any time –extra eyes help!– There are some times with no coverage. Email Ken Whittaker


Hazel’s flyer reflects status of the summer 2017 brood as of July 10, 2017

Volunteer Hazel newest flyer

Naked eye test | Share your piping plover sightings #Glostaplover

Can you spot a piping plover? Train your eyes to scan for movement–it’s the easiest way to spy the piping plover summer 2017 brood. They scuttle along dry seaweed patches back and forth to the wet sand and within the enclosure. Yesterday the baby chicks were still apt to topple over inside sand scallop depressions.  Their future wings are visibly growing out. Now 1 week old, their sweet piping chirps are clearly audible. The parents are much easier to find. We’re lucky we can see the birds close up in Kim Smith’s gorgeous art.

Phone in hand? Share your Good Harbor Beach piping plover photos and observations! tag #Glostaplover and follow Gloucester Plover at

Volunteers are needed for shifts over the upcoming holiday weekend. Contact Ken