Cape Ann Farmers Market

Every Thursday from 3:00 – 6:30 you can get the great veggies and merchandise at Stage Fort Park.

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4 thoughts on “Cape Ann Farmers Market

  1. Talking with Mom as she grew up there 1930’s – 1968…quite a history here at the park for teens many years ago and I did lots of research here back in the 2009 timeframe about the times she was present there…I found some very interesting details provided by two Gloucester Police members GPD officers who wrote about it from a public safety standpoint changes in their book series titled (Behind the Badge The history of (Gloucester Police Department three part series Volume I-II-III wow)!

    (The two were Larry Ingersoll and Mark Foote long time GPD what a reads indeed history lessons)!

    Highly recommended! 🙂 Dave


      1. Welcome the GPD patrol unit would drive up to the Foley cove turn around and come back down Washington Street and LangsFord street depending upon which route took going there! Check in on the teens around Wickes Esso station for the teens burning rubber coming around corner from Washington street to Langsford street lot’s of classic cars and muscle cars 🙂

        Sgt Art Jake (Jacobson (GPD) sauna owner lived by the cove bottom of Higgins hill Andrews corner down from lot’s of sledding here wintertime and had two state troopers in Lanesville that I recall on up of high street and one by plum cove 🙂 Dave


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