Brady’s Ladies

Brady’s Ladies 🙂


Mom Galynn and Dad Tom, Sr.

Bacheler Civil War Coat Update State Grant Brings it Home!

Charles and George King write,

“Ok, guys, no point in holding back…we all did it and we’re all done! Right on the heels of the awesome Awesome Gloucester Grant, the Massachusetts State Historical Records Advisory Board (SHRAB)awarded the coat a $6620 grant which officially closes the fundraising for the preservation. Check out the memo from the Office of Mayor Romeo Theken “Gloucester Civil War Coat Preservation Plan Wins Statewide Recognition, Grant Money” by Chris Sicuranza.  Thanks to everyone who supported the coat! Bye for now coat peeps and we’ll write again soon about the case. Go Pats! #driveforfive”Charles and George King Civil War Coat -3 Kim Smith

Hannah Jumper is a Patriots Fan

Super Bowl Sunday and I cannot get down to Woods Hole to visit my parent’s graves to tell them about Brady’s shot at getting ring number five (they were wicked Pats fans) so I am adopting someone no longer with us who is a local.

Mom's mom was a big fan of Yaz but for some reason Mom liked #9 Rondo.
Mom’s mom was a big fan of Yaz but for some reason Mom liked #9 Rondo.

Hannah Jumper would have been 220 years old when the Patriots won their first Super Bowl. Everyone thinks of Hannah as a party pooper but I am willing to bet she would have cheered Vinatieri’s field goal to squish the Rams waving her hatchet around. I’m sure she would be wearing jersey Number 12 today and having a brew because time marches on, the Red Sox and the Patriots are World Champions several times over and Feather & Wedge Tavern is having a Super Bowl Party in Rockport.

Still can’t get used to it. The championships. A beer in a Rockport Tavern. What is the world coming to? 🙂

Hannah communed with me and besides rooting for Tom she also said the bongs at Boston Smoke Shop in Gloucester were wicked pissah.
Hannah communed with me and besides rooting for Tom she also said the bongs at Boston Smoke Shop in Gloucester were wicked pissah.

Trash talk on twitter: Museum of Fine Arts Boston Patriots vs Atlanta’s High Museum #MuseumBowl plus Smocks and Jocks Fine Art Super Bowl auction

MFA highlight Thomas Sully (American (born in England), 1783–1872) The Passage of the Delaware, 1819


MFA  John Singleton Copley (American, 1738–1815) Mrs James Warren (aka Mercy Otis-Patriot, writer), ca.1763

High Museum collection: Richard Misrach (American, born 1949) Untitled #892-03 photograph, 2003

Check out the museums’ twitter accounts @mfaboston vs @HighMuseumofArt. For more fine art and football see

Super Bowl weekend super fundraiser: Smocks & Jocks

The National Football League Player’s Association (NFLPA) held the 12th annual ‘Smocks and Jocks’ Fine Art Auction and Jazz Brunch featuring art created by active and former NFL players (and others). The benefit raises money for the Gene Upshaw Player Assistance Fund.

@NFLPA  functional pottery by Chris Cooley @thecooleyzone

“Our players are so many different things…The original thought was to create an opportunity for former players to come to the Super Bowl in a more relaxed atmosphere and to show a different side of the professional athlete by them being able to display their art.”

video below caption: Super Bowl XLVII  (2013) Washington Redskins Andre Collins interview- time stamp at 2:20 pans through 2013 auction items



Ceramic art patterned after Minnesota Lakes by hall of fame Carl Eller–former defensive end Minnesota Viking star– was commissioned for the new Vikings US Bank Stadium.

“Carl Eller provides artwork for new Vikings Stadium” youtube clip below

And for Craig Kimberly – Baron Batch (Bansky of the NFL) and fellow former Steeler teammate John Malecki founded Studio A.M.  Gallery in Pittsburgh

Flashback: visiting Clark Museum to see Bierstadt’s Puget Sound on loan from the Seattle Art Museum thanks to the Patriots Super Bowl XLIX win. (If Seattle Seahawks won, Homer’s West Point Prout’s Neck in the Clark would have gone west.)


Game day grub!

Everyone is prepping for the big game tonight and here my husband has some baked beans in the Dutch oven and smoking on the Traeger for 5-6 hrs…they smell amazing already!   Later we will be throwing some drumsticks, wings and buffalo turds on there.   Go PATS!



Jeffrey Bolster and “The Mortal Sea”

Cape Ann Community

Saturday, February 18 at 2:00 p.m. at the Cape Ann Museum

Join author and Professor of History at the University of New Hampshire, Jeffrey Bolster, for a discussion of his book The Mortal Sea: Fishing the Atlantic in the Age of Sail (Harvard University Press, 2012).

Cost is $5 for Museum members / $10 nonmembers (includes Museum admission). Registration required; please call (978)283-0455 x10 or register online at Eventbrite. For more information email

Jeff Bolster

Licensed for many years by the U.S. Coast Guard as “Master of Motor, Steam, and Auxiliary Sail Vessels of not-more-than-200-tons upon All Oceans,” Bolster continues to mess about in boats. He earned his undergraduate degree at Trinity College, his MA from Brown University, and his PhD from Johns Hopkins University. He lives with his wife Molly in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and when not in Plymouth they can likely be found sailing their Valiant 40,

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