Who wouldn’t want to make Rick Doucette Dye His Facial Hair Blue? 

Howdy Joey –

Members of YMCA TEEN LEADERS each rocked in rocking chairs for 24-straight-sleepless hours over MLK Weekend.  For that extreme effort, they are asking folks to donate non-perishable food items for friends, families and neighbors in need.  So far they have collected the equivalent of 5,181 non-perishable food items for our community.

They would like me to ask you to help them reach their goals, so that they may help more folks AND dye my hair electric blue. 100% of all donations will go to support The Open Door and/or the St. Vincent DePaul Society. Cash or cans…whatever is easiest for you. Accepting donations at the Y through February 9.

Rotary Polar Plunge Tomorrow At Cape Ann Motor Inn 

Hi Joey – As you know the Rotary Polar Plunge is tomorrow Saturday Feb 4 at Cape Ann Motor Inn/CAMI.  Timing sounds a little casual, but check-in is supposed to end ~10:45 a.m.   “Plunging” begins at 11 a.m.     Everyone will be gone by 1 p.m.


The event URL  is  http://www.gloucesterrotary.us/fund-raising/polar-plunge-2017/ 

Cape Ann Motor Inn is   http://capeannmotorinn.com/



img_4109Pat Huckery 

The informational meeting was conducted by Pat Huckery, the northeast district manager for the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife and was nearly identical to the meeting given last year at this time.

Pat presented the life history of the coyote as well as a number of methods for lessening human encounters with coyotes, most notably to cut off their food supply. Humans providing food to the coyotes directly and indirectly is the number one reason the coyote population has exploded on Cape Ann, and at the top of the list states Pat is bird feeders. She recommends that if you do have a bird feeder, at the very least, clean up the mess left daily underneath the feeders. Spilled bird food attracts rodents and small mammals, which in turn attracts coyotes.

Unsecured garbage as well as pet food left outdoors are also strong coyote attractants.

From my own observation its easy to see why Cape Ann’s coyote population is mushrooming. Our shoreline, marshes, and wooded habitats provide a wealth of food, both hunted and scavenged. I am curious to know if our readers see dead fish and birds washed ashore any longer. In the past I have seen quite a bit more on daily walks and think today the coyotes are providing a service by eating the carcasses.

At the meeting it was suggested that coyotes eat rats. That information seems surprising as rats are highly intelligent and not easily hunted. Additionally, if coyotes are doing such a terrific job eating small mammals and rodents, then why do we have an exploding population of rabbits, chipmunks, and mice? Regrettably conjecture is often presented as fact and unfortunately there is no hard data available. We learned at the meeting that tagging and tracking coyotes is not allowed in Massachusetts under the same provision that does not allow for poisoning and trapping with snares.

Hunting as an approved option for reducing the coyote population was discussed. Local licensed hunter Sam Holmes was in attendance and he can be reached at 978-491-8746. Communities such as Middleton, Rhode Island, have an expanded hunting season to manage the population of specifically coyotes that have lost their fear of humans.

Pat’s Top Recommendations for Lessening Contact with Coyotes

  1. Put away bird feeders, or clean up daily beneath the feeder.
  2. Supervise pets outdoors at all times.
  3. Secure garbage in tight fitting bins and put out the morning of trash collection
  4. Seal up any areas of your home and outbuilding’s foundation that might provide a coyote with a place to hide.
  5. Secure chickens.
  6. Compost in bins.
  7. Under no circumstances, feed coyotes.

Note to the folks who are feeding the coyotes: By feeding the coyote, you are habituating it to people. You may thing you are helping the coyote but you may potentially hasten its demise. Habituated coyotes are considered a serious threat.

If you do come face to face with a coyote, be be big, bold, and brave. Waving and flailing your arms will make you look bigger and scarier, and yelling will startle them.

Coyotes typically do not want to interact with people. Each of the three times I have come face to face with a coyote it was because I was unwittingly between it and potential food. The big, bold, and brave technique is effective although during my most recent coyote encounter, I thought the coyote had departed. He had however instead stealthily circled around to the dead fish on the beach he so determinedly wanted to eat. Eastern Coyote massachusetts beach Canis latrans Kim Smith

Eastern Coyote


All film screenings will take place at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge visitor center, located at 6 Plum Island Turnpike in Newburyport, MA. All screenings are FREE. There is NO preregistration for this event. Spaces in the 85 seat auditorium will be filled on a first come, first served basis. The refuge phone number is (978) 465-5753.




Lisa Day-Copeland Synopsis of the Public Coyote Meeting Last Night

Lisa posted this on Facebook this morning and I thought it was a decent synopsis of the coyote meeting last night. Rubber Duck added the photo of Coywolf puppies.

Coywolf's have puppies in February and March. They are cute but do not go near them! If you remove their fear of humans they will geet in trouble.
Coywolf’s have puppies in February and March. They are cute but do not go near them! If you remove their fear of humans they will get in trouble.

I (Lisa Day-Copeland) went to the Gloucester coyote forum tonight with Jodi Swenson and Roland Leger. I think the presenters did a good job of teaching people about coyotes, that they have many useful functions and are here to stay (replaced wolves after they were killed off). Most weigh only 30 – 45 pounds and are far less dangerous than dogs in terms of aggressive behavior (and I love dogs!) They taught us to make noise and wave our arms, even toss something small at them or wave a stick. Don’t feed them. It is good for them to be afraid of humans. Also cover your trash and hiding spaces (I’ve got to block that space under my shed!) Lots of really bright people got in line to make comments or ask good questions…science students, wildlife specialists. Someone from Project Coyote came to see the presentation…perhaps he’ll be back at some point to further educate the public.


0a43256c-b435-4b00-8ae6-dbbe0edb0132DEAR READERS,


Ken asked me to share our response from the Registry on the question of inspection and the new license plates.

This is what we were told:

The individual  just keeps their old registration on hand until they have to get re-inspected.  If they get pulled over for the inspection they will have the proof that they had that plate on their vehicle at one time.

By the way, we have found out that it is now very easy to order the new plates online.  We spoke to someone who ordered their plate online on Monday and had it just a few days later.  The link to order can be found here: https://secure.rmv.state.ma.us/SpecialPlates/intro.aspx.

Please contact the Chamber if you have any additional questions.

Thanks for helping us get the correct information out there.


DMV RMV at Gloucester Crossing Part 2: Legislators Urge Decision on new site for Registry

img_20170203_093649The decision on the location for a new North Shore DMV registry branch remains undecided.  There are service centers on the other peninsula, Cape Cod. Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard host full DMV service centers as do towns with smaller populations, like Greenfield and North Adams. There isn’t a uniform state model.


The day after the GMG post musing What about a DMV branch at Gloucester Crossing?, Paul Leighton wrote an article in yesterday’s Gloucester Daily Times “Legislators urge decision on new site for Registry” Thursday February 2, 2017 with more info.

According to the article: “Six property owners submitted bids in October. A spokesman for the Division of Capital Asset Management & Maintenance, which oversees state leasing, said those bids are still being reviewed…In addition to Speliotis, local legislators who signed the letter to the state included state Sen. Joan Lovely of Salem and state Reps. Paul Tucker of Salem, Tom Walsh of Peabody, Jerry Parisella of Beverly, Lori Ehrlich of Marblehead and Brad Hill of Ipswich, who represents Manchester.”

Leighton’s prior Gloucester Daily Times article about the DMV branch location “Registry considers Peabody, Beverly sites for new branch” was published July 21, 2016.

The Inner Sanctum @mwcoastalgoods 

Blanks Ready For New Designs-

New prototypes for internally lit openers-

Kate and I became infatuated with Mike and Wendy’s Instagram Pages a couple of years ago,  stalking their interesting coastal lives in Mystic Seaport and admiring their cool business creating custom Bottle openers,  key chains, coasters, and shavers.  

Finally we made it down to Mystic where they treated us to a great night of dinner,  drinks and conversation.  

You need to check out their website and Instagram pages-




These are about the coolest gifts ever and I can think of about a million different scenarios where these would be appropriate.  Think of a wedding party gift.  Perfect, right?

I’m not sure how Mike and Wendy are doing this morning but Jesus did we get after it last night. #alchoholpoisoning