GloucesterCast 219 with Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 2/22/17


GloucesterCast 219 with Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 2/22/17


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Paprika Grill Robbery and Community Support Links
Emrah Gives Thanks  Robbed at Knifepoint , Thief Got away with the cash register and roughly $300

Kim nominated for Essex Heritage County Trailblazer Go to to vote for Kim if you’d like in the Connecting People To Place Category.  Four categories.  Preserving/Connecting People To Place/Advancing Or Educational Mission/Building or Growing our Future.
Oscars This Weekend- Kim predictions- Best Picture- LA LA Land. Best Actor- Casey Affleck,

Wildlife biologist and coyote expert Jonathan Way to speak at Salem State Tuesday, February 28

More Bald Eagle Sightings.  This time Morgan Faulds Pike- The Woman Who Created The Fisherman’s Wives Memorial Link
We have people from the Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute coming in on Sunday
John McElhenny Joining the GMG Roster!
Paprika Grill Photo- from Craig Kimberley

Devon Harmon Speaks About Her Family Selling The Bass Rocks Ocean Inn

Devon writes-

This past December brought one of my biggest life changes. After 5 generations of my family owning and operating Bass Rocks Ocean Inn, we decided to sell. As much as we have loved being apart of Bass Rocks, seeing how happy we have made our guests, the relationships we have made- we needed our family to be closer together (some of us in Florida and some in Massachusetts). We found a resort in Little Torch Key, Florida- Parmer’s Resort. We purchased Parmer’s in January, seeing the unspoken beauty and potential of the resort. Being here for only a month, we can’t wait to make this resort as special as we were able to make Bass Rocks for so many others. Although we have started a new venture, we will never forget our family at Bass Rocks Ocean Inn and appreciate all the memories that were created there. For me, it will always be my first home.



Gloucester Harbor aglow on a warm winter’s early evening.fv-black-pearl-heading-home-copyright-kim-smith

dredgers-gloucester-harbor-2-copyright-kim-smithoakes-cove-beach-sunsetGloucester Harbor from the landing at Oakes Cove Beach

Googly-Eyed Trash Eaters May Clean a Harbor Near You

Thank you to Al Bezanson, GMG FOB and former Schooner Green Dragon Captain (former as his son Andy now has the helm), for sharing the following article.

trash-wheel-1-ngsversion-1487331004138-adapt-590-1Known as “Mr. Trash Wheel,” this floating device sucks up plastic from polluted waters.

National Geographic
By Jackie Snow
February 17, 2017

Baltimore’s harbor is cleaner than it has been in decades thanks to two anthropomorphic trash wheels pulling debris from its waters.

Mr. Trash Wheel and Professor Trash Wheel, the latter of which was installed in December, are solar- and hydro-powered trash interceptors based in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, clearing debris before it enters the Chesapeake Bay. Over a million pounds of trash has been pulled out of the water by Mr. Trash Wheel since it was installed in May 2014.

The trash wheel’s creator, John Kellett, worked on the harbor for years and saw garbage floating on the water every day. A sailor and engineer, he approached the city and offered to take a stab at cleaning up the harbor. He built a pilot trash wheel and installed it in 2008.

No one had ever tried to stop the trash before and the task seemed daunting. Kellett quickly realized he’d have to go bigger. The pilot wheel was often unable to pick up larger debris and had only one Dumpster, so when it was being emptied, the wheel had to wait for it to return before working again.



John Rockwell joins Fly Amero tonight as his special guest @ The Rhumb Line 7-10pm 2.22.2017

rhumblineDinner Specials Each Week!
Wednesday, February 22nd – 7pm
Special Guest: JOHN ROCKWELL!

john rockwell

photo by Louise

It’s rare these days to find John Rockwell and Fly Amero
under the same roof at the same time. Circumstances have
too often gotten in the way. Well, barring some freakish act
from some evil god, it all goes away this coming Wednesday
and all will once again be right with the world. John and I
truly have a blast when we’re together, and we never falter
when it comes to sharing that joy with the audience at hand.
High spirits and good music… as it was always meant to be. ~ Fly
Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
The Rhumb Line Kitchen……now features Janet Brown with some new and healthy ideas!
Plus a fine, affordable wine menu!
Upcoming guests…
03/01 – Honkytonk Women

03/08 – Quentin Callewaert

03/15 – Allen Estes

Looking forward……to seeing you there 🙂

Paint Your Own Piece Workshop

These events are always fun and informative.
Tickets: $65.00
Saturday, February 25, 2017 from 2:00 – 5:00 PM
Sand to City Style
21 C Lexington Avenue, Gloucester, MA 01930
For more information please call Lisa at 978-526-0954
Or email

Sand to City provides all the materials and professional guidance to teach you all you need to know how to create a fabulous finish. They will also provide adult beverages and snacks.


Wildlife biologist and coyote expert Jonathan Way to speak at Salem State Tuesday, February 28

WHAT:                Jonathan Way, PhD will be on campus to describe his work investigating the behavior and social ecology of coyotes and to discuss public policy regarding predators. The talk is part of the Wellness U Experiencing Wildlife Series, which is organized by the Human Dimensions of Wildlife Unit of the Bates Center for Public Affairs. This free event is open to media and the public.

WHEN:                Tuesday, February 28, 2017 from 11 am to 12 pm

WHERE:               Salem State University

                              352 Lafayette Street | Salem, MA  01970

                              MLK Room, Ellison Campus Center

WHO:                  Dr. Way is the author of two books related to the study of coyotes, one of which, Suburban Howls, details his experiences studying eastern coyotes in Massachusetts. Dr. Way details and runs the Eastern Coyote/Coywolf Research organization where he is continuing his goal of long-term ecological and behavioral research on coywolves. Dr. Way’s second book details his experience at Yellowstone National Park, where he takes regular trips to study coyotes. 


Here is Jon Way’s website-