Exercise: How to Achieve Your Goals in 2017

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It’s January, and Attendance at the Fitness Centers High. After the holidays, attendance at fitness centers increases as people focus on healthy New Year’s Resolutions and try to work off excess pounds and inches from holiday festivities. But, after the 1st month of the year, motivation tends to slide and attendance tends to drop off.

So What Can You Do?

  1. Set goals.  Make a plan with a short-term goal in mind. This can make it easier to achieve your desired results. Start with a goal for ‘today,’ then ‘this week,” this month.’ Goals should be short-term, realistic and attainable.

What are Your Goals for Exercise in 2017? 

2.  Keep At It – With repetition, the healthy steps you are taking become your new positive, healthy habits. 


“It Takes 21 Days to Change a Habit.” How often have you…

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4 thoughts on “Exercise: How to Achieve Your Goals in 2017

      1. Karen,

        Most welcome!! I have something once released to send all the GMG folks also that will be a good one to hold onto! Your foundation back that way (is amazing and it’s the people in the community that makes it so)! My foundation started there and I am blessed it did carried me through the many storms of life we all face time to time…

        Major General Dondi E. Costin USAF talked of this recently our way. He called it preparing yourself to sit inone of the four chairs (Building, Stress, Performing, Growing) and have the strength not to “Ring the bell” and quit when life is stressful. He explained the four chairs at multiple times in their life, and the resilience constructed in the building seat is the key to bouncing back.

        And, “All resilience is, is You having the attitudes and behaviors and beliefs and the community around you to make sure you can take a “lickin and keep on tickin.'”

        I say this song talks how much the people and community means to me (GMG) 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

        We all need this and it’s there for sure in community and it’s people!! 🙂

        1971 – America – I Need You

        P.S. I still have to send the money order for the calendar that will be forthcoming as well! 🙂


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