Press Restaurant on Lexington Avenue

Magnolia is getting a new restaurant at 2 Lexington Avenue. The owner is Scott Spencer, with his major helpers, Maddi and Emily, gave me the opportunity to have a peek at this great addition to Lexington Avenue.

This place looks great and look forward to having breakfast or lunch there.

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12 thoughts on “Press Restaurant on Lexington Avenue

  1. We have offices across the street and was planing on using this place for our lunches, mostly takeout. We were told “no takeout today”. On top of that there were no tables. They blew it on our first visit. That’s a first.


      1. Yes, we went over to get lunch to bring back to the office and was told “no takeout”. The way we were told was not very nice either and after we had placed our order. There were no tables available so no food for us. If “no takeout” is their policy I think they will miss out on a substantial part of potential revenue, but we have our Dunkin close by so we did get lunch after all.


  2. When I first opened…takeout was not available along with the fact it was not promoted or advertised that takeout was available…however we are now prepared for this…brunch however on Saturday and Sundays is not take out..


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