Holiday Bartender

I’ve been on vacation for over two weeks…and have been fortunate enough to catch up with a variety of friends on a variety of evenings for holiday cheer and good times.  This video may or may not sum up my interaction with bartenders (minus the pregnant part) as I can’t seem to come up with a “go to” cocktail.

Friends of mine happen to own both the Improv Asylum, on Hanover Street in Boston, and Laugh Boston, in the Seaport District.  Both venues are fantastic for a great night out and some pretty serious laughs!  If you haven’t been….you really should!

Matt Catanzano has preformed at Improv Asylum for years and is now part of the hysterical duo of Simply Unemployable.  This, “Holiday Bartender,” is their newest video. And I laughed…and laughed.



7 thoughts on “Holiday Bartender

    1. Wow! Thanks for reaching out Matt. Love this sketch! Coincidently, I just got home from dinner with Stacey Princi (Harding)….and told her I had thrown this out there because I found it so funny….while taking 10 minutes to decide which beer to order at the Yard House.


  1. Wow take about getting it down pat – All that for a water and beer well done indeed! At least they did not say can you repeat that! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂


    1. Does this mean that you’re up for doing a podcast with us? They are a hoot! We’d seriously love to have you! I’ve been meaning to hit Chet Harding up for guest appearing on one as well. The last podcast we did in a bar got a little dicey, but we’ll behavior better this time…or not. 😉


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