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Have you been feeling like it’s time for you to something different, something powerful, something that’s going to precipitate a shift in your life?

Join an amazing group of individuals on this 40 day Journey!

I rely on energy drinks to pick me up in the morning, television to calm me down at the end of the day, and while dinner is usually a pretty healthy affair the other one meal and snacks I have during the day leave a lot to be desired nutritionally and energetically. Like a lot of folks I do whats easiest in the short term without too much of an eye downfield or for the longterm consequences of my day to day habits and behaviors.

My name is Dave DeAngelis and I feel like I’ve been looking for something to jumpstart a shift in my life. My wife Elizabeth and I own and operate Cape Ann…

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three-muskrat-family-massachusetts-copyright-kim-smithMore muskrat love! Did you know Muskrats eat phragmites?!! They gnaw off the emerging and exposed shoots at the base and then eat the green stems. Very cool. Other fun facts: Muskrats can hold their breath underwater for up to fifteen minutes. They can also chew underwater. Unlike beavers, whose tails are flattened horizontally, a muskrats tail is laterally flattened (in other words vertically). The tail functions like a rudder to help the Muskrat maneuver through water. Muskrats can swim forward and backward.three-muskrat-family-massachusetts-2-copyright-kim-smith

Taking a walk to Ocean Lawn

After a wonderful weekend with the grandchildren Rick and I took a walk to Ocean Lawn.  Another jewel on Cape Ann.

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Our daughter Liv’s work subway stop is located where the Chelsea bomb went off so you can imagine, we’ve been following closely the unfolding events. The capture was very dramatic; read the full story here in the New York Times.

An ironic aside–Reports state that the five pipe bombs found in a backpack near the Elizabeth train station were discovered, and reported to the police, by several homeless people. And apparently, the second pressure cooker bomb did not go off because two thieves stole the suitcase in which it was housed, unwittingly disrupting the explosive device.


Household Hazardous Waste Day

From Mayor Theken’s Office

Household Hazardous Waste Day September 24, 2016
Household Hazardous Waste day will be held Saturday, September 24, 2016, from 9am-12, rain or shine. Residents are asked to schedule an appointment to bring their materials to the DPW yard. The Recycling Department will begin accepting appointments beginning September 1st. Please call 978-281-9785 to schedule your appointment. Registration closes September 23 2016 at 11 AM.

Gloucester residents are allowed to bring up to 25 pound or gallons of material at no cost. If you exceed 25 pounds or gallons, and additional fee will be accessed and payable to Clean Harbors(payable by check only, cash is not accepted). For up to 1-3 gallons or pounds over it is $19, for 4-10 gallons or pounds over it is $24, 11-25 gallons or pounds over the charge is $46.50.
Please understand that we can only accept hazardous materials when Clean Harbors is on site, early drop offs will not be allowed.


The beginnings of a rainbow appeared in the sky above Cape Hedge and Long Beach early this morning. Nothing spectacular, but it was pretty while it lasted, until the next batch of thunderstorms began to roll in. Thanking Mother Nature for the much needed rain! rainbow-cape-hedge-long-beach-cape-ann-copyright-kim-smith