Power Yoga Basics

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This two hour workshop will be a combination of practice, demonstration, and discussion. Johnna will show you how to do the essential poses of a power yoga practice. You will learn how to modify poses as you build strength or heal from injury. She’ll discuss the how-to of practicing at a studio (what to bring, what to wear, what if….. no question too small!) so that you can join all levels classes with confidence.

Johnna has walked the path from yoga beginner through serious student to yoga teacher. She is eager to support you as you start your own practice. This workshop will be fun, informative, and leave you feeling ready to BEGIN.

$30 per person. Please bring a mat, towel, water, and a yoga block. The room will be heated to 80*, you will get a healthy sweat.

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The 4th “Smith Cove Striper Tournament”

Took place on Saturday September 10, 2016 and was a great success.

A special thanks to Lenny Linquata of The Gloucester House Restaurant who allowed us to use the Blue Collar Lobster Co. to weigh in and cook up some of the catch.

We had 33 participants which made for some great competition.

Kim’s Upcoming Lectures and Workshops September/October

Dear Friends,

Please join me tonight at 7pm at the Sea Spray Garden Club where I will be giving my “Habitat Garden” workshop and screening several short films. This event is free and open to the public. I hope to see you there!

I am looking forward to presenting the “Pollinator Garden” program for the Winter Garden Club of Marblehead on the morning of October 4th. On October 17th. I am the guest speaker for the Sharon Garden Club and will be presenting the lecture “Beauty on the Wing; Life Story of the Monarch Butterfly.” For more information please visit the  Events Page of my website.

I am currently booking programs for 2016-2017-2018 and would be delighted to present to your club, library, school, and private or public event. See the Programs Page of my website and feel free to contact me at kimsmithdesigns@hotmail.com with any questions.

Read what Mim Frost, the Program Chair for the Ipswich Town and Country Garden Club, had to say about the Life Story of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly film and program that I recently gave to her club:

Hi Kim.

How often does something you’ve looked forward to for a long time live up to your expectations? Not often. But last night at Ebsco your presentation, including your film, your comments and your Q&A were just about perfect in my book! I’ll smile as I remember the evening.

I liked having the trailer for the monarch film first. You gave the group something to look forward to. Jesse Cook’s music is an excellent choice, I think. I drum to his music often. I was pleased with the questions and with your answers. It’s obvious you’ve done a lot of research. The way you answered questions made the group comfortable. Very nice! And the film. What can I say. I’d seen clips, but seeing the whole thing was something I won’t forget. I especially liked your reference to other butterflies and your comparison of the swallowtail with the monarch. Liv’s voice was just right for the commentary!

I know from experience that the presenter is the harshest critic of the presentation. I hope you were feeling pleased with your work last night. I’d be happy to repeat the whole evening!

All the best to you,



WHEN?  3-4pm (10 weeks) Each Tuesday, Sept 13th – November 15th

WHERE?  St. JOHN’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH 48 Middle St., Gloucester

WHO? Facilitated by Dr. “D” (DiPrima) for young adults – Ages 10 – 15

WHAT? Using proverbs from around the world, participants will explore meaning through a variety of dramatic forms – Theatre games, movement, music, dramatic play, Storydrama, Improvisation and Reader’s Theatre

COST? $100, need based scholarships available

Contact: Jay DiPrima 978-283-1708 or jay@stjohnsgloucester.org 


joey-mets-copyright-kim-smithJim Dalpiaz works with the Mets and let Joey try on his ring. Wow, does it ever weigh a ton! So nice to see Pat and Jim Dalpiaz at Sunday’s podcast. And thanking them too for bringing the supper yummy selection of Virgilio’s cookies!

Stacy Boulevard construction update: historic Blynman the Cut Bridge


Gordon Parks. May 1943. “Memorial services for fishermen lost at sea. Citizens gathered on teh banks near the sea.” photograph, Library of Congress FSA collection



Two hundred feet of canal gravity wall is being reconstructed, extending from the bridge tender’s house around where you see visible in the photographs. This section of sea wall was dry laid granite block. The ebb and flow of tides and wakes took an inevitable toll, pulling debris material–like migrating soil— out from behind the wall. Over time the blocks settled, sidewalks sagged, and ruptures framed views into hollow voids 15 feet deep. Weakened considerably, areas were cordoned off until funding (Seaport Advisory and Executive Office of Environmental Affairs) was secured. The bridge tender’s house is abandoned which is why there is a temporary structure across the street. The state will be rebuilding that at a later date; the control house and the bridge are MassDOT purview and “likely a number of years out until a final plan is done.”

Edward Hopper. Blynman Bridge. 1923. watercolor. Whitney Museum of American Art. See Edward Hopper All Around Gloucester ©Catherine Ryan


The new sea wall is the “mack daddy of building construction” befitting such an iconic locale. DPW is reusing the same gorgeous rugged blocks and materials, but now there’s footing where there never was any. The historic granite face is tied to reinforced steel. There’s a concrete core wall. Mike Hale Director of Gloucester’s Department of Public Works said the City is mindful of retaining the aesthetics and history, pronouncing any new stone “modular, lego-like” build an anathema to the site and residents.

Thanks to DPW for forwarding these details with labeled drawings explaining the infrastructure behind what’s visible:








GHS Football vs Lynn Classical

The Fishermen win their opening game defeating Lynn Classical with just a couple of minutes left on the game clock. Kind of a typical Gloucester-Lynn Classical game!

Pet of the week- Alex

Alex here and full of energy! I love checking out new toys and going for adventures in the park, around the block, in the car and up the mountain. I am an active and intelligent little guy looking for his match in love, life and the everyday! I don’t know exactly what my breed mix is but the folks here suspect I have dachshund relatives with maybe some terrier types mixed in. I am about a year and a half old so I still have plenty of puppy energy pent up in this little body but I am maturing and I should pick up on new tricks quick! I am looking for a family with some dog experience and one with children 14 years and older. I definitely have a small dog personality and can be a little bossy but a whole lot of fun! If you like that terrier personality and enjoy training then I am your guy.

 For more information on the available dogs and cats at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter please g o to our website: capeannanimalaid.org

That Time of Year Again

School is back in session….which can only mean one thing…it is the time of year that I need to start complaining about packing school lunches.  This will be the only time that you have to hear about it though.  I think.  If you listened to yesterday’s podcast you have already heard some discussion about lunch packing….

So, first full week back at it and here are today’s lunches and snack bag snacks.

Lunch:  spicy tuna rolls, strawberries, mini peppers, and a granola bar.

Snack Bag:  Cinnamon english muffin with apple butter spread, cheddar goldfish, and an apple.

Can’t dare forget the water bottle….or the 4 individual ice packs that keep their food cold enough during the day.

The boys will, undoubtedly, still get in the car at 4:00 when I pick them up from “after care” at school and tell me that they are starving….so there will be a pre-popped bag of popcorn waiting for them.

In their defense, their schedule today looks like this:

Leave the house at 7:30

School from 8:00-4:00 (which, on a Monday, also involves a 30 mins. recess, a 45 minute fitness class for Finn, a 90 minute kayaking trip for gym class for Thatch, and then a full hour on the playground after school while I finish up my work.

Then, Finn has hockey practice from 5:00-6:00….and Thatch takes the ice from 6:00-7:00.

So….there also needs to be some extra apples and bananas in the car waiting for the ride home from the rink…to get them by until dinner.

Their appetites are insatiable lately (understandably) and I swear they eat more in one day than I eat in three.