Yesterday’s Yellow Lobster as Art…

Here’s the link to the original post with the rare yellow lobster Geno Mondello landed at our dock Captain Joe and Sons-

Today We Got A Rare Yellow #Lobster @CaptJoeLobster

And here’s the final Mutant Lobster art Picture to round out the four piece collection THAT WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE-


Just announced: Gloucester author Deborah Cramer wins major awards for The Narrow Edge! National Academies of Science Best Book Award and Society of Environmental Journalists Rachel Carson Book Award

Congratulations Deborah Cramer!

Remember her request to share horseshoe crab reports and memories




National Academies of Science Best Book Award 2016 

National Academies of Sciences press release: “The winning entries represent science communication at its finest and exemplify the ability of science writers to engage, inform, and inspire the public.”

Society of Environmental Journalists Rachel Carson Book Award 2016

15th Annual awards for reporting on the environment press release excerpt:

Judges were impressed by the painful beauty and eloquence of Deborah Cramer’s writing; one saw “The Narrow Edge” as a story of loss and hopeful restoration while another said the book “represents everything about Rachel Carson’s legacy that the book award stands for.” In her book, Cramer follows the 19,000-mile migration of an endangered shorebird called the red knot, which depends on horseshoe crab eggs for survival. So do humans:

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Your Invitation To Susan and Don’s Public Beach Ceremony

You are cordially invited to attend the most fabulous fairytale wedding, ever! Susan Parent and Don Boyé of Toodeloos! and Island Art will be tying the knot on Good Harbor Beach at 1:30 on Saturday September 17th. Come as you are, come as you might- Fairy wings, Mermaid tails, Superhero capes and Pirate attire are strongly encouraged. Shoes are optional. Toodeloos! and Island Art will be closed for the day, reopening on Sunday at noon. Please plan accordingly and thank you for your support! We kindly ask that you understand that this invitation is for our public beach ceremony only. Our reception is private. See you on the beach and don’t forget to wave to the drone! Love, Susan and Don ♥

tired seal at Long Beach this afternoon and sandpipers all day

Everyone is staying far away from the seal and it blends in with the sand from a distance.

This morning there were scores of busy shore birds. (And more bounding dogs off leash.)




A Bicycle Ride for Neurofibromatosis Research

On Saturday, September 10, 2016 the NF Coast to the Cure was at Stage Fort Park, another great cause. For more information please to the following link.

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Night at the beach

Headed down to Good Harbor after work last night to have dinner with some cousins and we were in good company!   Lots of people out enjoying the warm breezes and ocean.dscf1680-edit

Playing in the surfdscf1689-edit

The Devlin/Lafata clan dscf1718-edit

The clouds were gorgeous!dscf1700-edit

..and made for a beautiful sunsetdscf1714-edit


Got to see the Zuiderdam leaving port with her lights ondscf1731-edit

Do you put your trash out by 7am? DPW news

I like the aesthetic of the 3d metal letters on the DPW at Poplar

Rose Lopiccolo of DPW says that the trash hauler may not do the routes in the same order so we may notice route and timing changes with neighborhood trash pick ups.

Rose writes:

“Our new hauler, JRM began September 1. Just a friendly reminder that all trash and recycling, by City Ordinance(Sec 9-2), needs to be curb-side no later than 7:00 AM. We cannot guarantee that the new hauler will do the routes in the same order as the previous hauler. If animals are an issue in your area it is recommended that you use a trash barrel to contain your purple bag. If your trash or recycling was missed please call JRM at 800-323-4285, or the DPW at 978-281-9785. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this transition.”



Breaking News! Free Cats! EWWW!

I was conversing with my other better half this morning, Izzy 

. She thinks this promotion of free Cats adoptions and discounted dog adoptions is a great idea. Izzy says you better get there when they open today because she thinks all the dogs will be adopted today.

But free cats?! What!  Izzy says “you couldn’t give them away”. Hopefully she’s wrong and all the animals will find a great home today.