GloucesterCast 201 with Israel Horovitz, Heidi Dallin, Kim Smith, Big T and Host @Joey_C Taped 9/25/16



GloucesterCast 201 with Israel Horovitz, Heidi Dallin, Kim Smith, Big T and Host @Joey_C Taped 9/25/16



Topics Include:

Man In Snow Israel Horovitz Opens Thursday Get Your Tickets Here
Heidi Dallin
Be an informed voter! Join us for a public information forum discussing the MA Marijuana Legalization Initiative.
Thursday, October 6th5-7 PM at the Beauport Hotel in Gloucester

The Forum will present both pro and con perspectives with Deborah Becker of NPR moderating and League of Women Voters explaining the ballot language. The goal is to help clarify confusions, educate, and have a question and answer session with attendees.

Keystone Species- Sea Otters and Prairie Dogs
NOAA Hosting A Hearing On At Sea Monitoring and Funding October 4th at The Local Office
Trails and Sails  City Hall, Cape Pond Ice, Cruise Ship Downtown Gloucester Packed With Visitors

The Gloucester Stage Company


zuiderdam-cruise-ship-gloucester-harbor-massachusetts-usa-boston-skyline-copyright-kim-smithIn case you haven’t had the chance to check it out, these photos are an attempt to illustrate the size and scale of the cruise ship Zuiderdam in Gloucester Harbor. I was lucky to get the Schooner Adventure sailing past the ship during this weekend’s Trails and Sails event. I think the next largest ships in the Harbor that day were the Schooners Lannon and Adventure.


zuiderdam-cruise-ship-gloucester-harbor-massachusetts-usa-schooner-adventure-copyright-kim-smithSchooner Adventure and the Zuiderdam

zuiderdam-cruise-ship-gloucester-harbor-massachusetts-usa-ten-pound-island-copyright-kim-smithMoving past Ten Pound Island


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