Artist Workshop Emerged on Main Street




Kat Masella Ecaustic Artist and Teacher operates the Northeast Art Workshops and Retreats


Seen here is Kim English an award wining American Plein-air painter see more at Tutt Art about Kim English.

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The Gillnetter

Katelyn Moore, Staff Writer, Editor

coach-l-900x675GHS Science and Engineering Teacher Kurt Lichtenwald

The Massachusetts Technology Education and Engineering Collaborative and its members have awarded Gloucester High School’s science and engineering teacher, Kurt Lichtenwald, with the 2016 “teacher of the year” award.

Along with his award, MassTEC deemed GHS’ STEM program, run by Lichtenwald, John Barry, and David Schneider, the 2016 “program of the year.”  STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Each year, MassTEC partners with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and chooses from schools across the state to recognize one program and teacher that excels in educating students about formal technology and engineering studies.



little-blue-heron-egretta-caerulea-cape-ann-copyright-kim-smithThe Little Blue heron is common in the Southeast and only the second time I have spied this migrant on Cape Ann. I am curious to know if any of our readers have seen this pretty heron–how often, where, and at what time of year, if so. The Little Blue Heron in the photo was fishing in the shallow pond water with the Snowy Egrets. Whereas the Snowies have an energetic method of foraging, stirring up the bottom with their feet, dashing and diving, the Little Blue stood stock still observing the minnow’s movement in the water. The moment it caught a glimpse of me, off it flew, and did not return.little-blue-heron-massachusetts-egretta-caerulea-copyright-kim-smithlittle_bliue_heron_map_bigLittle Blue Heron range map


Architect Eleanor Raymond: A Pioneer in the Field

The life and accomplishments of Eleanor Raymond (1887–1989), a pioneering woman in the field of architecture during the mid-20th century, will be the subject of a talk presented by documentary filmmaker Lyda Kuth. A graduate of the Cambridge School of Art and Landscape Architecture for Women, Eleanor Raymond was a noted innovator partnering with solar energy researcher Dr. Maria Telkes to design one of the first successful solar-heated buildings in the Northeast. On Cape Ann, Raymond designed homes for artist Natalie Hays Hammond, anthropologist Carlton S. Coon and a summer cottage for herself overlooking Gloucester’s outer harbor. Lyda Kuth is an independent filmmaker and Executive Director of the LEF Foundation, which supports New England independent documentary filmmakers. She has been recognized by the Massachusetts Cultural Council with the prestigious Commonwealth Award and honored by Women in Film and Video New England with an Image Award.

Member cost is $10 per lecture / $25 for the series; Non-member cost is $15 per lecture / $40 for the series. Reservations are required. To purchase tickets or for more information please call (978)283-0455 x10 or email

Tickets can also be ordered online at Eventbrite.



Wednesdays at the Rhumb Line – 7pm with Fly Amero ~ This week’s special guest: Chick Marston 9.28.2016

Dinner Specials Each Week!
Wednesday, September 28th – 7pm
Special Guest: CHICK MARSTON!

chick marston


I was about 13 years old when I first met Chicklet Marston.
Jonathan Pope picked up a gang of us and drove to his house
in Rockport to see if Chick wanted to buy his metal-flake blue
Fender Stratocaster. Chick, a well-schooled acoustic guitarist
with a Berklee Conservatory background, had never played an
electric guitar in his life. He had no idea what to do with the
thing, fumbling all over it – and I was left wondering what all
the fuss was about with this supposedly “great player”. Well…
couple weeks go by, him playing his vintage 1936 Martin 0018,
and I find myself going to music school BIGTIME, soaking up
all I could from this brilliant, classic American folk & blues
picker. His thumb was a perfect metronome on the bass
patterns. The music he played was simple and poignant.
He went on to introduce an entire world of music to me that
changed my life and helped build my character as a more
well-rounded musician. Staple Singers. Doc Watson. Jelly
Roll Morton. Mississippi John Hurt. Odetta. On and on and
on. Chick Marston will forever be my mentor and hero. Most
people around here, I think, just don’t know what they got.
This is no shit. ~ Fly
Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
The Rhumb Line Kitchen……now features Janet Brown with some new and healthy ideas!
Plus a fine, affordable wine menu!
10/5 – Fozzie Hill

10/12 – Toni Ann

10/19 – Orville Giddings

Looking forward… seeing you there 🙂

If You Like Driving …

After leaving a hockey rink a few weeks ago (go figure) we saw this car driving by Gordon College.  We walked a fine line between tailgating to figure out what the heck it was…and staying back and never knowing.  Luckily, since I was not driving, we were able to snap some pics.

Turns out is an app that you can download to find maps and driving directions, I guess.

Maps have always been at the heart of our mission. Only the maps we are creating today are very different from those we grew up with.

Powered by our leading location cloud and enriched with dynamic data, maps from HERE are becoming increasingly real time – capturing the changing world like never before.

We believe they will play a critical role in improving mobility for people and enterprises, making driving safer and more enjoyable, and reducing emissions.

Little known fact…I am a HUGE fan of Sunday driving.  I have always loved jumping in the car and touring Cape Ann.  When time allows, I always drive the long way.  And, whenever possible, I opt to avoid the highway.  Even now, I love the days that the boys and I aren’t in a rush to get home after school/work.  Nothing makes me happier than driving home through Beverly Farms, Manchester, Magnolia, Gloucester, around the back shore, and home to Rockport.

So, don’t think for a second, that I didn’t check to see how one goes about getting a job from that allows you to simply drive around in your free time to record whatever it is one is recording to help gather information to make said maps.  They aren’t hiring in our hood right now.