Just announced: Gloucester author Deborah Cramer wins major awards for The Narrow Edge! National Academies of Science Best Book Award and Society of Environmental Journalists Rachel Carson Book Award

Congratulations Deborah Cramer!

Remember her request to share horseshoe crab reports and memories




National Academies of Science Best Book Award 2016 

National Academies of Sciences press release: “The winning entries represent science communication at its finest and exemplify the ability of science writers to engage, inform, and inspire the public.”

Society of Environmental Journalists Rachel Carson Book Award 2016

15th Annual awards for reporting on the environment press release excerpt:

Judges were impressed by the painful beauty and eloquence of Deborah Cramer’s writing; one saw “The Narrow Edge” as a story of loss and hopeful restoration while another said the book “represents everything about Rachel Carson’s legacy that the book award stands for.” In her book, Cramer follows the 19,000-mile migration of an endangered shorebird called the red knot, which depends on horseshoe crab eggs for survival. So do humans:

More about Deborah:


Smithsonian Ocean: Our Water Our World 2008 (Harper Collins/Smithsonian Books)

Smithsonian Ocean: Our Water Our World is the companion to the permanent Sant Ocean Hall at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, the most frequently visited museum in the United States and the 2nd most visited museum in the world.

Great Waters: An Atlantic Passage 2002 (W.W. Norton)

A remarkable scientific meditation and spiritual exploration of the Atlantic Ocean. Not since Rachel Carson’s classic The Sea Around Us, more than fifty years ago, has a writer given voice so compellingly to the sea. Sailing through the rough, chilly Gulf of Maine, the rushing Gulf Stream, and the calm seaweed-laced Sargasso Sea, Deborah Cramer weaves a rich tapestry that portrays the intricate and fragile web of marine life, human-induced change in the rhythms of the sea, and our many-faceted reliance on the waters that nurture and sustain us. Nobel Prize winner Al Gore wrote of Deborah Cramer’s book Great Waters, “I urge everyone to read this book, pass on its teachings, and act on its message.”

“If you read only one book about the ocean, this should be it.”
— The London Times

“…a masterful work of inspired writing and science.”
— The Boston Globe

“…[Cramer] shines, narrating in language that plies the verge between science and poetry…a lament that rings with all the sonorous truth, all the warning persistence, of a buoy bell.”
— San Francisco Chronicle

“The Heart of the Ocean,” Face to Face: Ocean Portraits, (Conway) and “La Coeur de la Mer,” Hommes et Femmes de la Mer (Arthaud)

“Climate and Atlantic,” Penguin Book of the Ocean (Penguin)



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