Wazzat? (#38)

There is a perfectly good explanation. First to comment the full reason gets a rare original pink Good Morning Gloucester bumper sticker signed by RD.

[edit] Adding Hint #1: This activity involved Rockport Police Radar. (It could have been any town but right now much easier in Rockport.)


21 thoughts on “Wazzat? (#38)

    1. Not a match. Interesting concept though. I am picturing electrocuted duck to make a baked duck potato. Nope. No Rubber Ducks were harmed during this activity.


    1. Not a match. Also interesting. Rubber Duck is on the bow but I never would wrap her with aluminum on the ocean. One Blackburn finished off with a nice thunderstorm that scared the rubberduck out of me.

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    1. Getting very warm!! The Radar on Granite and Beach! Although Rockport Police have a mobile one that was seen on Phillips Ave near her house and now the radar is down on Back Beach.

      OK, take that radar. Now why would Rubber Duck be dressed in aluminum foil tied to a rope?

      Picture Rubber Duck near the radar. What is she doing?


  1. Was it the rubber duck race at Mill Pond?
    The rope & foil were to differentiate your duck from the others.
    Or is it fear of Alien abductions?
    Maybe your duck is learning to drive?
    A test of speed on Nugent Stretch perhaps.

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    1. No matches the “differentiate” part got a little warm. Why would aluminum foil differentiate. Think Rockport Radar.


    1. You are red hot Bob, but not quite a match. You are describing what I did but I was not in a car and the purpose was not to confuse the radar. (Good pun though.)


        1. Bing bing bing we have a winner. Since you follow me on Google Plus I know Bob has around a 700 mile drive but you can also buy some lobsters when you go to Cap’n Joe and Sons on the harbor in Gloucester to pick up your signed bumper sticker. Text me and I will bring Rubber Duck down for a photo op.

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  2. You spun it around as fast as you could to make the radar think duck was speeding up and down Granite Street? Did duck get a ticket?


    1. Damon, you are also correct but you are 16 minutes too late to win first prize. For second prize you can have a photo op with Rubber Duck at the Greasy Pole finish line of the Blackburn Challenge July 16. Rubber Duck will be there after noon. Sometime after noon. Quite a bit after.

      The full explanation. Rockport Police parked the Radar Gun right in front of my house on Friday. I spent the day measuring how fast I could go past it. Not in a car but different bikes, a Kick Bike, a skateboard all sorts of stuff. The fastest I could go was 23mph.

      So then I had the bright idea of tying Rubber duck to a rope and swinging it around. I figured I got Rubber Duck going at least 40mph but the damn thing would not register. So then I wrapped Rubber Duck in aluminum foil figuring the radar need a hard metal target. Still no go. I even fashioned a long flowing aluminum Cape.

      Total bust. I gave up before I hurt myself. Some of the dog walkers in my neighborhood now think I am a little strange but I figured they all knew that already what with my lit up Santa trapped in the attic.


  3. Instead of my prize I will work with you to design a more efficient radar reflecting rubber duck aluminum pantaloon, something with interior right angles 🙂 I am sure it can be made to work but will require some further design effort. We better find out what wavelength they are using. Meanwhile, I will catch his majesty passing Lane’s Cove on the way to a record finish. I simply must remember to take pictures. Last year I was kind of tied up with one of those Polynesian war canoes and its swimming crew. They wanted me to tow it into the Cove, full of water !
    Maybe that radar is more sophisticated than I am assuming and has to average your speed for a second or so. If so it might throw the duck data out as noise or averaging zero.

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    1. You’re on for the photo op at Lanes Cove. RD is still fresh as a daisy five miles in. If it is as windy on the north side as it is today or last year I will be pulling into the cove and phoning home.

      Paul Frontiero will take the embarrassing kayak exit shots at the greasy pole. His specialty.

      I think you are right about the radar being smart. It outsmarted me.


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