On Homosexuality Post Deleted and editors comment replaced)

Joey writes-

I have deleted EJ’s writing and replaced this with my response that I posted to the people on Facebook that think I greenlighted or agree with EJ’s comment.-

You all realize that this wasn’t written by me and that I wasn’t even aware of it til I saw a comment about it and as soon as I saw it and I addressed it in the comments on that post.

I know EJ and I know she does not have bad intentions. She crossed the no religion line that all our contributors are explained when they get on board. She was wrong to do that. If you know her you know she’s anything but a bigot and is one of the most loving people you’d ever meet. I KNOW she did not mean to offend although she clearly unintentionally has. We had a conversation about this and will not be posting her religious views again.

You can read my comments on the post that I wrote on it as soon as I found out about it and know that I did not write nor condone her writing this post. I do believe that people trying to paint her as racist or bigoted simply don’t know her. She’s got something going on with her God. It’s her thing and GMG will not be the forum for her to preach about it. I ask that the people that profess to live tolerant, accepting lives be tolerant of EJ.

I’m disappointed that she wrote what she wrote on GMG knowing our policy but I’m not going to go into hysterics about it either. It is being taken down and replaced with this,  my comment explaining why it was not approved by me nor condoned by me.  

Our contributors post on their own and I generally don’t see their posts til the next day.

2 thoughts on “On Homosexuality Post Deleted and editors comment replaced)

  1. We love EJ, I am happy she is having her experiences with her God. We came to an understanding last night that there will be no more religion talk here on GMG.

    For the series that she did with her new illustrated book I let slide even though I felt it walked the line because I felt it was more about the illustrations and I gave her a pass because of our deep friendship and all she has done for and the love she has shown the GMG community. But this post clearly violates the no-religion talk line.

    It has nothing to do with it being a “homosexual”post. i fully support gay marriage acceptance and love. it has everything to do with our no religion policy.

    We do post community announcements for local churches and Temples, but that is not obviously what I’m talking about when I say no- religion policy.

    Thank you EJ for all you do, I love you, I’m happy for you, but I feel like I owe our readers an explanation and to let them know we have an understanding that you won’t be doing religious posts going forward.

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