I stopped this morning to take a snapshot of the lifting fog when the beach combing mom and her little boy came on the scene. For all the moms making wonderful memories for their children, Happiest of Mother’s Days to You!

Gloucester Harbor Beach Combers c Kim Smith

Quote of the Week


“You miss 100% of the shots you never take.”

Wayne Gretzky (1961-     )

A native of Brantford, Ontario, Gretzky, nicknamed “The Great One,” is commonly held to be the best hockey player who ever lived. Relatively small of stature, his intelligence and ability to see plays developing enabled him to lead the league in points scored and assists for many of the twenty seasons he played with four different teams. His style and leadership, often compared to the way Larry Bird played basketball, involved all his teammates on the ice in a coordinated effort to distract opposing players, leaving one person in open ice. Gretzky, now an American citizen, still holds 60 NHL records, is married to actress Janet Jones and has four children.

Greg Bover

Mother’s Day 1892 sheet music by Gloucester composer

From the collection of the Library of Congress, Music Division, you can download sheet music for “That Sweet Picture of My Mother”, an 1892 song by Osborne W. Lane, “author of Sailing Home” reassures the Victorian byline.

That sweet picture of my mother 1 cover

Does anyone know this Gloucester composer? Lane was a  music teacher working out of 99 Main Street. Earlier he composed an 1879 ballad, “In the Starlight Sat I Thinking” with lyrics by Abbie Wheeler and dedicated to Miss Minnie Smith. That sheet music cover is lovely:

In the Starlight Sat I thinking sheet music loc ow lane

In the same year that Lane wrote “That Sweet Picture of My Mother”, he was the music composer for the 1892 Gloucester Anniversary celebration and was paid or reimbursed $24.50 for his effort. (He’s the young man shown in the upper right oval.) He wrote the music for an original ode by Henry C.L. Haskell, “The Granite Shores of Cape Ann, both men “being of Gloucester birth.”

Lane headshot

Lane ode 1892 program

I am no judge of the craft of songwriting or determining forgotten gems. I can’t read music. Who knows if the melody and rhythm are there? The title was ‘sweet’. Despite lacking the skill to play the song,  my son gave the right hand of “That Sweet Picture of My Mother” a  try. It’s Mother’s Day after all. The lyrics chased him off.  If anyone wants to give it a go, Continue reading “Mother’s Day 1892 sheet music by Gloucester composer”

Jack Sweeney’s Baseball Book

Hi Joey, can you post this review with the photo of the cover about Jack Sweeney recently published book.. Thanks, Rick Gold, Gloucester. 

Jack Sweeney, of Rocky Neck, recently published a book about baseball titled,”101 All-Time Fantasy Baseball Teams”. I am a friend of Jack’s and am writing this review, not because I know him, but because I loved the book and think others should hear about it. 

  While I am not what one would call an avid baseball fan, I do have fond memories as a boy of the likes of Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio and the fables of guys like Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth and others of their ilk.

  Jack’s book brought me back to those nostalgic period in my life when I did think more about ball players, their feats and fame. The book has an interesting architecture which breaks up the pages into interesting short segments about the players. The book pulls one into reading the stories and sub-stories about the players and the sport with a nice touch of humor. Yes, the book does have statistics but not the boring columns of numbers, but rather short stories that tie the players and the sport and all together.  

  For me to stay interested in a book about baseball was this author’s great accomplishment and I give Jack a lot of credit for keeping my interest peeked…. after reading 25 pages I was hooked.

  Read the book from one of Gloucester’s own and I think you will see what I mean. By the way, the book’s cover was created by Jack’s wife, Marie. The book is available at The Book Store (downtown). 

Rick Gold


Vote in the Cape Ann Museum’s Photo Contest

More Cape Ann Community News-

Cape Ann Community

Head to the Cape Ann Museum’s Facebook page and vote for your favorite photo of Cape Ann under the theme of “home”! Voting ends Friday, May 20th.

The public is encouraged to vote for their favorite photo(s) by “liking” them on Facebook. Every “like” is a vote and the process is open to everyone, so invite your friends to do the same by sharing the post! The top three photos with the most “likes” will be awarded first, second and third place prizes.

Edward Monnelly, Sunrise Bass Rocks I Edward Monnelly, Sunrise Bass Rocks I

In conjunction with this summer’s exhibition, Design/Build: The Drawings of Phillips & Holloran, Architects, the Museum hosted an online photography contest. Photographers were invited to submit images based on the theme of “home” that capture the unique character of Cape Ann. Now we need the public to vote and tell us who the winners are!

Elaine Williams, Old Annisquam Elaine Williams, Old Annisquam

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Seaside Garden Club Annual Plant Sale and Auction

Kate Wikwerth writes –

It’s time for the much anticipated Seaside Garden Club Annual Plant Sale and Auction!

May 10th at the Manchester Community Center
Doors open at 6:00 pm
Auction begins promptly at 6:30 pm
This is the club’s only fund raiser for the year and a terrific time to add some beautiful, proven perennials from our members’ gardens, garden art and many wonderful items donated by local businesses.  Light refreshments will be served. Proceeds from the auction are what keep this club going: funds our programs and community service work and allow us to keep the membership fee at $25.
Don’t miss this popular event – everyone is welcome to attend. New this year – A select group of items will be available at 6:00 for sale.  Come early to preview the many Auction items!  Checks and cash accepted.
The Seaside Garden Club is a group of fun, active, civic-minded and hands-on gardeners.  We welcome all types of gardeners from beginners to experienced… there is always something to learn and share.  We invite you to become a member of our club ($25 annual membership) and enjoy our monthly programs which feature interesting guest speakers and creative workshops.The Seaside Garden Club meets the 2nd Tuesday of the Month (September through June) and are always looking for new members.  Membership is now open for the 2016/2017 season.
Be sure to visit our Facebook page: Seaside Garden Club Facebook and follow our blog: Seaside Garden Club Blog
SGC 2016 Auction flyer.indd