Schooner Adventure Gloucester MA -10 c Kim SmithSchooner Adventure Gloucester MA -11 c Kim SmithSaturday was a working day at the Harriet Webster Maritime Gloucester pier where three Essex built schooners, the Adventure, Ardelle, and Roseway were undergoing spring scraping, painting, and overall maintenance.
Schooner Adventure Gloucester MA -7 c Kim Smith
The Adventure’s Captain Stefan Edick’s and Lead Shipwright Geoff Deckebach’s crew of volunteers spent the day getting the schooner ship shape for the upcoming sailing season.
Schooner Adventure Gloucester MA c Kim Smith

Volunteer workday Saturdays are a recurring event on the Schooner Adventure. Volunteers are needed every Saturday to help with vessel maintenance. I can attest to the fact that this a super fun and hard working group of people. They are ready to take on any task that comes up. No experience necessary; the knowledgeable volunteers and crew will show you the ropes. Join the Adventure crew and volunteers as they work on this tremendous project!Schooner Adventure Gloucester MA -8 c Kim SmithContact Lead Shipwright Geoff Deckebach at or call 978-281-8079 to sign-up or if you have any questions.Schooner Adventure Gloucester MA -9 c Kim SmithSchooner Adventure Gloucester MA -3 c Kim Smith

Schooner Adventure Gloucester MA -5 c Kim Smith

The Adventure’s big sister, the Roseway (affectionately called as such because she is 91 years old while the Adventure is 90 years old) arrived early in the afternoon and she is currently berthed next to the Adventure.


Saturday’s Adventure Crew: Geoff Deckebach, Logan Livingston, Maura Hackett, Alex Myers, Shaun Coveney, ChristineMcCormick, Mike Bergmann, Tom Hovey, Stephanie Bean, Jay Boland, Susanne Flynn, Pam Bradbury, Cullen Morawski, Ira Moll, Annika Heinhold, and Willy Leathers



Quote of the Week


“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”

Frank Zappa (1940-1993)

A native of Baltimore whose father worked for the military, Zappa recorded more than 60 albums as a soloist and as the founder and leader of The Mothers of Invention. Often miscast as a novelty musician, he wrote complex, difficult to perform classical, jazz, rock, fusion and other music that cannot be contained in any genre. His iconoclastic approach to life often put him at odds with the established order and organized religion, but he was an ardent supporter of free speech and auto-didacticism. Cited as an influence by such diverse musicians as Pierre Boulez, Paul McCartney and George Clinton, Zappa was a multiple Grammy Award winner and was invited to the newly independent Czechoslovakia by Vaclav Havel to advise on cultural matters.

At the time of his death it was rumored he was contemplating a move to Montana to raise dental floss.


“Let’s get Lei’d” DAY!


Today is May 1st

Happy Lei Day

In Hawaii it’s Lei Day!

From the Urban Dictionary;

Used when going to a beach party. Sounds extraordinarily similar to “laid.”

leid: The act of putting a lei (pl. leis) over someone’s neck. Usually accompanied by the speaking of “You just got leid.”

lei: one of those flowery necklaces worn at beach parties.

J1: Hey, J2, ready for the beach party tomorrow?!
J2: Oh yeah, im excited. We’re gonna get leid!
J1: You bet we are”

The best gifts….

The best gifts are the ones homemade with thought and love and I received one from my daughter Abbey this weekend.   It’s a simple thought really, but I love it and thought I’d share because I bet many Mom’s/cooks might enjoy getting one too!   They are herb containers with basil, rosemary and oregano and a hanging basket with the leftover plants and some parsley.   The decorative containers didn’t have any drainage so she added some pretty rocks on the bottom and moss on top.  Love, love, love it!   Thank you Abbey! ❤

Photo May 01, 10 08 47 AM Photo May 01, 10 10 00 AM Photo May 01, 10 10 11 AM Photo May 01, 10 18 56 AM

Gloucester undersea

Hello Joey,

I just discovered your website via a friend who was born in Gloucester and lived in Manchester until moving to Denver more than 40 years ago. He posted on his facebook page your photos of Ten Pound Island from the 1920s. I lived in Manchester for one year in high school and have lived on the North Shore for 50 years. I am going to have to spend some time on your website, it looks very interesting.

I think you would be very interested in my website and my just released ebook, “Diving Cape Ann and Boston’s North Shore.”

I have made hundreds of scuba dives in Gloucester with camera in hand over the last 40 years and have hundreds of undersea and surface photos some of which are posted on my website.

Thanks for your time.

Donald Whitehead


Mother’s Day Gift Idea – Massage and Flowers!

Uhmmm, No Brainer Here- Purchase a massage and get a bundle of Tulips? One Stop Shopping For Mothers Day
More Cape Ann Wellness News-

Cape Ann Wellness

Education is the most powerful weaponwhich you can use to change the world..jpg

Friday May 6, 3pm – 6pm

Saturday May 7, 12 – 3

(While supplies last!)

Saltwater Massage Studio

65 Pleasant St., Gloucester


p.s. Gift Certificates can also be bought online for those thanking moms from afar.

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