Lobster liver or pine tree, the mystery of the origins of the name Loblolly Cove is perhaps solved. Thank you to GMG reader “escape pod” for steering us in the direction of the blog Vintage Rockport and to Lois for her suggestion to read about pines during the Eemian interglacial period.

It would be challenging to learn whether the early colonists knew about Loblolly Pine trees in 1700 when the cove was first named by Welshman Peter Emmons. The word loblolly is a combination of lob referring to thick bubbling soup and lolly is from an old British dialect word for broth or soup. In the southeastern United States loblolly means mudhole or mire, in a sense relating to thick soup. Loblolly Pines generally (but not always) grow in the swampy lowlands of the southeast.

More plausible to the mystery of the naming of Loblolly Cove is the following account written by Frederic Sharon in 1939 and found on the Vintage Rockport blog. The article is fascinating, as is the website. The excerpt is pertinent to our mystery, and do read the full account. I loved learning that there was a little fish shack called Haskell’s Camp there at one time on Loblolly Cove. Recently I learned too that lobsters were so plentiful in the days of the early colonist and could be found in such great abundance on the beach amongst the seaweed that one needed only reach out their hand to take one home for dinner; no lobster traps needed!

From Vintage Rockport: A 1939 News Article About Haskell’s Camp and the Origin of the Name ‘Loblolly’

“…The fame of these clambakes was spread by these men and soon summer visitors heard about them. They used to come up from the resorts in tally-ho’s and barges (that was before the automobile) and then they began demanding shore dinners for smaller parties and individuals. So began the business that made Loblolly Cove famous.

“Why Loblolly Cove?” I asked. “What does Loblolly mean?”

Haskells Camp 2

“The Camp” at Loblolly Cove, Rockport, where those wonderful
clambakes originate.

“That’s what I wanted to know, and I was a long time finding out. I found in the dictionary that ‘loblolly’ meant thick oatmeal gruel; another definition said it was a kind of tree. This didn’t suit me; I found that Peter Emmons, a Welshman, received a grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts about the year 1700 of this region. He named it Loblolly Cove. Now why. I wondered.

“Some years ago a Welshman had one of my shore dinners and after finishing his lobster remarked that that was as good a loblolly as he had ever eaten. I pounced on him at once. What did he mean by loblolly?”

“Why,” he replied in surprise, “don’t you know what loblolly is?”

“No,” I said eagerly. “What is it?”

Loblolly on Bread!

“Well, in my boyhood in Wales,” he replied, “we used to catch lobsters and cook them and the piece-de-resistance was the loblolly, the liver or fat of the lobster, you know that sort of greenish thing you see in a broiled lobster. Well that is the loblolly and we used to spread it on bread because we didn’t have much butter. So there you are. The loblolly is a lobster liver.”

“And then to clinch it, one day a lovely old lady from Salem was having a shore dinner and as she finished she said: ‘That was a lovely loblolly.’”

“So I tackled her and here is what she said: ‘Loblolly, why all my life I’ve known the liver or fat of the lobster as the loblolly.’

“‘But, why?’ I asked determined to find out further about this elusive word. ‘Why,’ she said, ‘when I was a girl we used to go to Nahant for our lobsters because there was a Welshman there who caught such wonderful ones, noted because of their delicious loblollies.’

“So that settled it. Peter Emmons was a Welshman, the lobsters he found in his cove had superior ‘loblollies,’ so he named his cove ‘Loblolly Cove’ and the lobsters to this day have kept alive the tradition.

“Well,” continued Haskell, “I was young and wanted to see the world, so I went to New York and entered business. After two companies I was with folded up I decided to come back here, especially as this business had grown and father needed me, so here I’ve been ever since.”

Read more (and learn how they cooked the lobsters) here:

A 1939 News Article About Haskell’s Camp and the Origin of the Name ‘Loblolly’

Mystery at Loblolly Cove


Haskell’s Camp Loblolly Cove from Vintage Rockport


The application process is now open to participate in the Harbortown Arts Festival, which will take place over Memorial Day Weekend, May 28 – 30, 2016Find the online application here. The deadline for applying is 5:00 pm Monday, April 18.1. HarbortownArtsFestival2016 (1) (dragged)

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Alicia Unleashed Episode 20 taped 3/29/2016 with Kevin Bacon, B- Side, Joey C and Hostess Alicia Cox


aliciaunleashed-1-picsay (1)


Alicia Unleashed Episode 20 taped 3/29/2016 with Kevin Bacon, B- Side, Joey C and Hostess Alicia Cox


Topics Include:

Joey first time on Alicia Unleashed, Introduction of Kevin Bacon, 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon, Social media suggestions of friends, Storm Nick Jonas, Stones Pub, Story of Kristie, The Tinda, What is Tinder?, Whose down for DTF, Who do people go to social dating sites?, How Bridget knows Kevin Bacon, Men love to watch softball and volleyball, Bridget the softball hero, How does Tinder work, Live demonstration, Kevin Bacon left the island, fore she speaks, Friends giving texting advice, Magical advice, Sexist and Racist Emojis, Gay card, Asian Card, Joey can’t handle it raw, Easter came early, Christmas lights and trees, Shrink wrapping cars, Holy Cow opening and charity donation, How did Kyle get her own team?, Dodgeball, Alicia’s outfit, Homiecast giving love, Podcast went way too long, Footloose


Why Abstract: The Art of Imagination

why abstract

Why Abstract: The Art of Imagination 

Paintings, mixed media, sculpture, photography and digital art by 23 New England artists

April 21 – May 30, 2016

The Cultural Center Gallery

6 Wonson Street, Gloucester, MA 01930

Gallery hours, Thurs-Sun, 12:00-4:00 PM

Meet the Artists Reception: Saturday, April 23, 4:00-6:00 PM

Artist Talks: Sunday, May 1, 2-4 pm and Sunday, May 22, 2-4 pm

Closing Celebration and award presentation: Friday, May 27, 4-6 PM


Gloucester MA, March 4, 2016—On Thursday, April 21, 2016, the Rocky Neck Art Colony opens the doors on “Why Abstract: The Art of Imagination” an invitational exhibition of abstract art curated by artist Matt Cegelis of Rockport. Featuring paintings, mixed media, photography and digital art by 23 artists, the exhibition examines why the artists choose abstraction as an expressive practice. Elements of mystery, imagination, discovery and more are also explored in artist statements and public discourse with the artists.

“Why Abstract” is on view April 21–May 30, 2016 at the Cultural Center Gallery at 6 Wonson Street, Gloucester during gallery hours, Thursday-Sunday 12:00-4:00 PM each week. The public is invited to a reception for artists and friends on Saturday, April 23, 4:00-6:00 PM.Additional public events during the exhibition include two Artist Talks on Sunday, May 1, 3:00-4:00 PM, and Sunday, May 22, 3:00-4:00 PM, and a Closing Celebration with a “Viewer’s Choice” award presentation on Friday, May 27, 4:00-6:00 PM.


Larcom Theatre audience member plays Jim Babjak’s guitar last April when The Smithereens played to a pack Larcom Theatre in Beverly.

You may have heard that 80s power-pop hitmakers, The Smithereens, are coming back to the Larcom Theatre (right down the road in Beverly) this Saturday 4/2 and they’re bringing award-winning keyboardist Andy Burton, of John Mayer’s band and HBO’s hit series Vinyl — these guys are LOTS of FUN!

You can’t buy a back-stage meet & greet with the band, but you can WIN it — and because you are an FOB, you’ve got the first chance to enter.

Just go here, enter your name, email & phone and type SMITHEREENS where it asks for the contest name.  Winners will be selected Friday 4/1 at 5pm and contacted via email.

YOU MUST HAVE A TICKET TO WIN.  If you don’t already tickets, get them here!



Wednesdays with Fly Amero ~ This week’s musical guest: J.B. Amero 7pm 3.30.2016



Wednesdays at the Rhumb Line – 7pm
Great dinner specials every week!

Wednesday, March 30th – 7pm
Musical Guest: J.B.!


The one and the very only… brother J.B. Amero joins us this
week. Nuff said! Be there! ~ Fly
Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
Plus a fine, affordable wine menu!
John Rockwell

Charlee Bianchini

Inge Berge

Visit: http://www.therhumbline.com/
Looking forward……to seeing you there 🙂

More information from our FOB Dave Moore on the photos

Hommie Korea 2  Very Old School  Tomb of General history 1427-1471.jpg

Hommie Korea 1.jpg

A little background on the statue can see over right shoulder a rice field below not planted yet and part of the road that swings around the mountain. Sorry the photos were not better this was taken with a regular cell phone not smart phone older model.
Some history behind the statute Date I did take a picture of the English version comments but picture picked the sun not clear (
The resting place; “The Tomb of Soosunggum General, Choi Yu Lim (1426-1471).”
Hommie flew with me and Kim for a walk to a very sacred place in the woods. This is our normal route and walk 6 km round trip we pass and pay tribute homage and honor to those who have created a path for us to follow. The resting place; “ On 27 March 2016, Sunday, Hommie flew with me and Kim for a walk to a very sacred place in the woods. This is our normal route and walk 6 km round trip we pass and pay tribute homage and honor to those who have created a path for us to follow. The resting place; “The tomb of Soosunggum General, Choi Yu Lim (1426-1471).”

Have You Been to the Barrel House?

So good.

The Barrel House is on Cabot Street in Beverly…and totally worth the trip.  I’ve been a couple of times, but keep forgetting to write about it.  But, after having gone back last Friday afternoon, there was no way I was going to forget again.

First of all, the ambience is my kind of perfect.  Dark, lots of brick, leather, an amazing tin ceiling, reclaimed wood…all gorgeous.

Secondly, any place that serves oysters and Almond Butter Brie Fondue is right in my world.

Third, the bar can’t be beat and my Moscow Mule was super yummy.

We had some oysters, the Mac & Cheese (smoked gouda, fontina, pecorino, herbed panko crust), the Brie Fondue, and….because why not….the Fried Dough Wrapped “Twinky” ….complete with chocolate hazelnut sauce and ice cream.





Clean Up on Saturday

Good Morning Peeps:

Hope everyone is doing well and patiently waiting for Spring.

When: Saturday, April 2, 2016
Time: 8:00 – 9:00
Where: Main Street near where the Cape Ann Animal Aid was located.

Thanks All

Please bring gloves..
Also here is a photo of some of our group that helps out every Saturday.
Clean Up



How long have you lived in Gloucester? 

All my life (except for a few years “up the line” as a youth while my Dad worked in Marblehead).

What is your favorite season In Gloucester? 

Fall..although summer can’t get here quick enough!

Do you have any secret outdoor spots in Gloucester where you go to “get away”?  

My favorite spot is Annisquam Light at sunset sitting on the rocks or Plum Cove at sunset while taps echoes along the beach.

What is your favorite pizza joint in Gloucester?

 Sebastians….Linquica pizza

What is your favorite sub shop in Gloucester?  

Destino’s Meatball sub….My Aunt Margaret Destino used to make the best meatball subs 😀

What place would you go for a romantic dinner in Gloucester?

My date nights are most always at the Azorean, although the Franklin is our #2 spot.

What is your favorite bar in Gloucester? 

Not into the bar scene much, but on a nice summer’s afternoon you might find Neil and I with drinks on the decks of Capt Carlos or Mile Marker.

What is your favorite breakfast joint in Gloucester? 

That’s a tough one….depends on what you are in the mood for. 

George’s, Sugar Mags and Morning Glory are in our regular rotation.

What is your favorite local event in Gloucester?  

Fiesta…it’s in the blood.

In the summer do you prefer the beach or to be on a boat? 

Definitely the beach or on a kayak 😀

Who is your favorite local artist? 

Far too many greats to choose just one….I couldn’t even begin to try!

Which is your favorite local beach? 

Good Harbor, 1st board walk

Who has the best chowder in town?  

You’ll have to ask the fish eating community that one lol!

Excluding GMG what is your second favorite local blog? 

The Gloucester Clam makes me LOL

Do you prefer haddock chowder or clam chowder? 

Again….seafood….can’t do it lol!

What were your thoughts on The Downtown Block Parties last year?  

Only made one last year but it’s a great night to see and connect with people.

What is your favorite local band? 

Don’t really get to hear many bands…I don’t get out much….sad but true.

What about Gloucester sets it apart from anywhere else? 

It’s community is like no other.   We are unique geographically which makes us tighter knit than most other communities.   In my opinion there is no other town with as much beauty and character (but I may be bias!)

Thanks, Joey