Gloucester Community Quilts at the Cape Ann Museum

By Deborah Simmerman

Recently I took the train up to Gloucester to see the Gloucester community quilts at the Cape Ann Museum. I love the Cape Ann Museum, which so beautifully evokes the special qualities of Cape Ann, my home from 1975 to 1985 and a place I will always love deeply. The amazing Cape Ann light is the first thing I notice whenever I go back, and as soon as I got off the train, I was struck by it once again.

At the museum I had the light-filled second floor gallery all to myself as I encountered the stunning exhibition of quilts representing Gloucester’s very diverse neighborhoods, made by seniors at the Rose Baker Senior Center in Gloucester. I am lost in admiration for Juni Van Dyke, the Art Director at the senior center who led this project over the past nine years. She must be the most amazing art educator. Under her direction, these women in their later years, and a few men I gather, have created something of lasting value, thirteen quilts about their neighborhoods, which have now been donated and accepted into the permanent collection of the Cape Ann Museum. I can imagine the enormous satisfaction they must feel for having been part of the years-long effort of this collaborative creative process and now seeing the fruits of their labor of love in the museum.

READ THE COMPLETE ARTCLE HEREjuni-van-dyke-cape-ann-museum-the-neighborhood-quilt-project-detail-c2a9kim-smith-2016

Top photo courtesy the Cape Ann Museum

Sawyer Free Library Week of March 27

More Cape Ann Community News-



You are invited to submit photographs for the 2016 “Where Is It?” exhibition in the Matz Gallery at the Sawyer Free Library. this exhibition is about places in Gloucester that are not hard to find – just sometimes overlooked! All photos must be visible from public roadways or walkways. To enter, send up to 3 photographs in JPEG format to: cpark@pobox.com Please put Gloucester Exhibit on the subject line of your email. The deadline for submission is April 25. Applicants will be notified by May 10 if their work has been selected. The photographs will be exhibited in the Matz Gallery during the month of June.

Puppies for eblast

Another Astronomy lecture on Saturday April 2!

                                 night sky

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Saturday at Virgilios and the shop is packed!

Virgilios beautiful cookie selection for your Easter table ~ Nanci Lee Virgilio Photo

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The Easter Egg Basket Cookies are going fast!



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50 shades of grey….



It seems like everyone I know is painting this spring and apparently the “in” color is grey. Grey seems like such an simple color to pick out right? Well it’s considerably harder than anticipated. I personally was looking for a grey that would be kind of warm and in my travels I’ve been told that what I’m looking for is a “greige”…yup that’s a word. It means a grey/beige a grey with warm tones. Last week my neighbor had this same conversation on Facebook except she was looking for a grey with blue tones. This all started because we bought a TV. Yes, we bought a TV and had to buy a new console for it, which lead to a new leather sectional, then the coffee table and now the painting of the whole first floor cause we can’t just paint the living room, we have an open concept, so we have to paint the dining room, kitchen and hallway…oh and we might as well go up the stairs and paint that hallway. My suggestion is…don’t by a TV! Anyway I have my paint samples in hand (from Ben’s Wallpaper & Paint cause we need to shop local when we can!) and the grey decision making has begun.  I also have to pick out a white for my trim….and I thought grey was tough, yikes!


Salem State Rugby Club


My name is Joshua Lane and I am the president of the Salem State Rugby Football Club. In the past few months we have made great strides towards our goal of playing at the Division 3 National Championship, and the time has finally come. We currently are qualified after winning the East Coast Championship on December 5th to play in the Championship game on April 23rd and 24th in Pittsburg, Pa. We have 3 athletes and starters on the team from Gloucester including myself. One of these athletes was a star athlete at GHS and continued his career as an outstanding 4 year starter and captain here at SSU, Kyle Lucido. We currently have a fundraising goal of $6,000 and only have 24 days left to raise this money. I am reaching out to you today for three reasons: To share with you what some local student-athletes have been doing after GHS, to ask for your help in promoting this page to the community and people who support athletics in Gloucester and to ask for financial support as we go forward with this amazing opportunity for the Gloucester athletes, and the other 29 students on the team. I have included a link for our crowd funder page we have set up, all donations are tax deductible and support in any way will greatly benefit us. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated and I would like to thank you for your time today. 


Joshua Lane

Salem State Rugby Club President