Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken’s Hot Topics Meeting. This month: Ten Pound Island

Mayor Romeo Theken led a lively and informative meeting on the topic of the future of Ten Pound Island. For the most part, the participants were civil and listened thoughtfully to each other’s opinions. Mayor Romeo Theken assured the audience that absolutely nothing has been proposed and that there are absolutely no plans (or any interest in whatsoever) to build a building on the island. There is unfortunately the possibility that there may be a liability issue to the city with visitors to the Island and for that reason, it may be necessary to put up several signs. Insurance issues are currently being investigated by the Mayor’s office.

Jack Clarke of Mass Audubon has been hired to study the area for wildlife. He will begin his survey on April 8th.

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Jack Sweeney, Mayor Romeo Theken, and Ed Mowrey
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Jack Sweeney and Richard Weiss

Another Freebie Out Of Nowhere From The Serenitee Reward Card @MinglewoodTav- A Free Pizza

So we were in the mood for pizza so we ordered a couple of pies from Minglewood.  I show up to pick them up and for the fun of it have them check my reward card to see if there was anything on there to take advantage of.  The guy tells me I have a free pizza on there, so #boom, didn’t have to pay for it!!!

It’s so stupid not to have one.  I swear every third time I go to Lat 43 or Minglewood or Hale Street there’s a freebie on there, just for having the card and it costs you zero to get one!

Craaaazy not to have one.

If you don’t have one yet Here’s a link to fill out the form to in on the free rewards program-


Here’s the pizza I got tonight!!!!


BREAKING NEWS: Award-winning keyboardist ANDY BURTON, of John Mayer’s Band & HBO’s VINYL to join THE SMITHEREENS on APRIL 2 in Beverly

This just in from the band’s road manager.  One of today’s top touring keyboard players will join THE SMITHEREENS when they bring their high energy power pop show right down the road to Beverly’s Larcom Theatre next Saturday, April 2nd.

While on break from John Mayer‘s tour, Andy Burton will bring his tremendous talent and energy to the stage when The Smithereens make their triumphant return to Beverly’s most intimate, acoustically stellar listening venue after last year’s rockin’ show that packed the house.

Good seats are still left, the best available seats being in the balcony – GET THEM HERE.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect from Andy Burton with The Smithererens:


Maria Cracchiolo Lamb of Easter Pecorella di Pasqua Gloucester -3 2016 Kim SmithPecorelle di Pasqua are a traditional Sicilian Easter treat although, when Easter falls very close to Saint Joseph’s Day as it did this year, Maria shared that the Lambs of Easter are often found on Saint Joseph altars. Maria’s are so charming I am planning to purchase several to Not eat but to decorate our Easter table. They are very reasonably priced, especially considering all the work that is involved with making and how expensive is the marzapane.

Maria Cracchiolo Lamb of Easter Pecorella di Pasqua Gloucester -4 2016 Kim Smith

Each lamb is molded from almond dough and after drying, skillfully hand painted by Maria. I popped into Caffe Sicilia Wednesday morning to say hello and happily caught Maria just as she was beginning to paint and decorate the Easter lambs. We filmed her working with my movie camera for Gloucester’s Feast of Saint Joseph Community Film Project and here is a glimpse with iPhone photos and Instagrams.

Maria Cracchiolo Lamb of Easter Pecorella di Pasqua Gloucester -2 2016 Kim Smith

With thanks, appreciation, and the deepest gratitude to Maria Cracchiolo and her parents Nina and Domenic Damico for their continued help with Gloucester’s Feast of Saint Joseph Community Film Project. From the project’s onset, they have opened their kitchen doors and very generously shared Sicilian traditions and baking techniques. We are so very fortunate to have Maria, her family, and Caffe Sicilia in our Gloucester Community. With thanks again to Mayor Sefatia for suggesting we knock on Maria’s door!

Happy Spring! Happy Easter!
Maria Cracchiolo Lamb of Easter Pecorella di Pasqua Gloucester 2016 Kim Smith


Prepping for Sista Felicia’s Annunal Easter Bunny Cookie Night! “Pupa Cu L’ova”

Click link for my Italian Easter Cookie Classic!

God Makes Dental Appointments and Fixes Refrigerators

God fixes teeth and refrigerators

When I get engrossed in a project, like I have been this winter, I let everything else slide, including my healthcare. I had been suffering with tooth pain for a number of weeks, and just kept applying Orajel and carrying on.  A couple of weeks ago I noticed a voicemail message I had missed.  When I listened to it, it was the dentist’s office calling to remind me of an appointment I had never made.  Unfortunately, or so I initially thought, the appointment had been for the prior day.  I called the office and explained that I had missed the message, but also that I hadn’t scheduled an appointment.  They said that they had called me by mistake, but since they had me on the phone we should schedule an appointment.  The earliest one they had available was in April, which I took.  Later that day I got another call from the office, saying they just had a cancellation and could I come the next day.  I went and had x-rays and an exam, and found I had a badly infected tooth that needed to be pulled.  I also had a cavity and needed to schedule a cleaning.  When I was leaving, and went to the desk to schedule follow up appointments, the receptionist said: “This is your lucky day.  We just had a cancellation, so can you come tomorrow?”

Some people would say it was luck, or coincidence; but I know who was behind it, and no one could ever convince me otherwise. The tooth was pulled, pain is gone, and I’m happy.

Then my refrigerator started making this dreadful loud grinding noise. It would happen intermittently at first, but then more and more frequently.  A few nights ago I had to unplug it overnight so I could sleep.  I plugged it back in the next morning and it was quiet for a while, then the dreadful noise came back.  I told God I had a refrigerator problem and needed help.  I looked online for refrigerator repair places and decided to call Donyon’s.  They said they would come the next day and it would be $140 for the service call and repair, unless I needed part(s) which would be extra.  After I hung up, God told me to move the refrigerator, which I started to do, unbalancing a large vase stored on the top back of the fridge in the process, which smashed on the floor behind it.  I plugged in the fridge, pushed it back in place, and returned to painting, not wanting to deal with pulling it all the way out to clean up the broken vase.  Since that happened, the fridge has not made a single peep, and is even quieter than it was before it started making the dreadful noise.  It was being so quiet I had to open it to make sure it was still running.  I thanked God, then called and cancelled the service appointment.

Without pulling the fridge all the way out and looking, I don’t know exactly what happened back there, but I think God used a piece of the broken vase to wedge in and fix whatever was causing all the racket.  As long as there isn’t something dead, I don’t worry about what is behind the fridge, so I won’t be looking behind it any time soon.  I will continue to be grateful for my refrigerator and dental miracles.

E.J. Lefavour

This Weekend in the Arts

New North Shore Artist’s Work on Display at First Ipswich Bank’s Gloucester Branch

First Ipswich Bank is pleased to announce that work by local artist, Marianne Thompson, is on display at its Gloucester branch – 207 Main Street – through April.

An open reception for Marianne will be held at the branch on Friday, March 25 from 2:00 – 4:00 PM to offer the opportunity to meet her and learn more about her work.

Marianne Thompson is a Canadian artist who resides on the North Shore of Massachusetts and has been painting in oils for over 25 years. She began Plein Air painting in 2011 in a group led by Gloucester artist, David P. Curtis, who has been a great mentor to her. Her dedication to the medium of Plein Air oil painting, her aptitude for color, and a unique, fearless style have engendered her success. She finds the wild beauty of Cape Ann compelling and can often be found in Gloucester or Essex attempting to capture it in paint. In addition to selling from her studio gallery at Western Avenue Studios in Lowell and website, she teaches oil, palette knife and Plein Air painting.

About the program:

One artist’s work will be shown every three months; Marianne’s work will be on display through April. A new artist will then be featured from May through July 2016.

For more information, please contact Rebecca Sumner, Branch Manager at 978-356-3700, or Beth Taber at 978-356-8120.

First Ipswich Bank has branch offices in Essex, Gloucester, Ipswich, Newburyport and Rowley, Massachusetts – you can find them online at You can find them on Facebook, too.


Seafaring Women of the 19th Century
An illustrated lecture by Captain Laurel Seaborn

 The Cape Ann Museum is pleased to present Seafaring Women of the 19th Century on Saturday, March 26 at 2:00 p.m..  Laurel Seaborn, a maritime archaeologist and sailing ship captain, will offer an in-depth look at the brave women who went to sea in the nineteenth century. This program is free for CAM members/$10 for non-members (includes Museum admission). For more information please call (978) 283-0455 x10 or email

During the 19th century, when women chose to go to sea in sailing ships, they contributed as nurses, nannies and navigators, and in extreme cases took command of the ship. Their journals describe the objects built or brought on board specifically for them. Besides the beds, chairs, and parlor organs that might be found during an archaeological excavation of a shipwreck, their personal possessions such as jewelry, sewing kits and children’s toys would also convey evidence of how the culture on ships changed with a woman’s presence. The investigation of these artifacts, as clues into the lives of these seafaring women, is part of Captain Seaborn’s ongoing PhD research at University of New Hampshire.

Photo: Capt. Solomon Jacobs (known as “The Mackerel King”) and wife Sarah (behind him) and unidentified woman on deck of Helen Miller Gould.  c1900. Alice Cox Collection of the Cape Ann Museum.

Seaborn returned to university after a career as crew and captain aboard both modern and historic sailing ships. Her work on archaeological projects includes underwater diving excavations of the pirate Blackbeard’s ship Queen Anne’s Revenge in Beaufort, North Carolina, and of Captain Kidd’s ship, Cara Merchant in the Dominican Republic, along with recording the hull shape of the 17th-century Royal warship, Vasa in Stockholm, Sweden.


Inspired by Home Online Photo Contest

 In conjunction with the exhibition, Design/Build: The Drawings of Phillips & Holloran, Architects, opening June 4, the Cape Ann Museum is hosting an online photography contest. Photographers of all skill levels are invited to submit images based on the theme of “home” that capture the unique character of Cape Ann (photos must be taken in Rockport, Gloucester, Essex or Manchester-by-the-Sea). Whether a physical place, a distant memory or a local reminder, there is inspiration to be found throughout Cape Ann’s distinct architecture, neighborhoods and cultural districts.

Deadline for submissions: April 29, 2016

circus parade, main street from post office square.  probably 1892.
Image credit: Circus parade down Main Street, Gloucester. Circa 1890s. Photo: Walter Gardner. Collection of the Cape Ann Museum.

 Cape Ann Museum staff will select photos for public voting on the basis of creativity, photographic quality and effectiveness in conveying the theme of “home.” Beginning on Friday, May 6, the selected photos will be posted on the Museum’s Facebook page. The public will be encouraged to vote for their favorite photo(s) by “liking” them.

For more information please visit:

Volunteer Opportunities Aboard Adventure


The Gloucester Adventure, Inc. is currently recruiting volunteers for the upcoming 2016 sailing season aboard our schooner Adventure! We are a non-profit maritime historic preservation and educational organization and the stewards of the 1926 dory-fishing Schooner Adventure. Volunteers play an essential role in the mission of Gloucester Adventure, Inc., and we have an active roster of volunteers who over the years have brought many of their talents to our organization. Our programs are designed to engage youth, families, and our local community. We currently have the following areas available for volunteers: Sailing Crew, Administration, Education, Docents, and Shipboard Maintenance.

No experience is necessary to join the crew, just a determined attitude and a willingness to take on the ADVENTURE of a lifetime!

For more information, please contact us at or 978-281-8079.

I’ve been an Adventure board member for a while now and have helped with the restoration by doing the odd bit of woodworking here and there. It has been an honor and a privilege to work on this historic vessel, but now that she’s sailing again, and I get to be a volunteer deckhand, well, it’s been a life changing experience. The people who sail and maintain her are absolutely first class, and I can say that I’ve learned more about sailing in the last three years than in the previous thirty. I have a new appreciation for the life Gloucestermen of old must have led, and just to be aboard as she clears the Dog Bar is an experience I hope more folks will avail themselves of. There is a need for volunteers of all kinds, sailors and non-sailors alike, and training is part of the culture of this ship. Do yourself a favor and come on down to the pier.


Willie “Loco” Alexander Tonight @ The Dave Sag’s Blues Party 8:30pm The Rhumb Line 3.24.2016

dave sag bw rl

Just in time for Easter I’m bringin’ in the man in the biohazard leisure suit: Mr. Willie Alexander. A fixture in the music world, actually a light fixture or streetlamp of Rocque and Role and all things musical, willie ill blind you to your evil ways as he get’s the band to channel The Fat Man, L’il Richard, et al. It’s always a pleasure.


He’ll be bringing along his long-time bug zapping glitarist, Mr. Billy Loosigian and helpful digestive aid, Mr. Steevee Chaggaris,whopping those jungle drums. I’m gonna sing some Irving Berlin! Bite me!

logo rl

40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732

In my humble opinion…

In my humble opinion…Willow Rest has THE best breakfast sandwich around!  It might take a few extra minutes than a rubbery drive-thru sandwich, but it’s totally worth it because it’s made with fresh ingredients, exactly how you want it.  This is usually a treat for me, but this morning I got a fried egg, cheddar, bacon on fresh wheat toast…perfection!


They not only have great food but you can grab some fresh produce, cheeses, flowers and unique gift finds!


Nichole’s Picks 3/26 +3/27

Pick #1:  Egg-Cellent Easter Adventure at Appleton Farms

Saturday, March 26th  10:00-12:00

Say goodbye to the cold and celebrate the arrival of warmer weather here on the Farm! While we often associate eggs with the Easter Bunny, in many cultures eggs symbolize new life and are tied with the coming of spring. At this event, we celebrate spring, new life on the farm, and the bounty of fresh eggs produced by our hens. Go on the Egg-cellent Quest around the farm and learn about the journey from egg to chicken, collecting Easter eggs at each station to complete the Quest! Enjoy homemade refreshments in our Carriage Barn, visit with the calves, and make some fun farm crafts! Quest begins at 10am. Please plan to arrive by 11am and bring a basket of your own to collect the Quest eggs.

Please Note: It is only necessary to register for one ticket per family. If you have more than 6 in your family, please register for 2 families so we have enough eggs and refreshments for everyone.




Pick #2:  Children’s Drop and Shop

Head over to The Pingree School in Hamilton to score some great spring clothes, toys, sports equipment, and more at this year’s Spring Children’s Drop and Shop.



Children’s Clothing &

Gear Consignment Sale

March 23-26, 2016



Pick #3:  The Walk to the Sea

Enjoy a nice spring afternoon in Boston….and learn something along the way.


The free walk, beginning at the State House on Beacon Hill and ending at Long Wharf, spans one mile that covers Boston’s historic landmarks and skyscrapers.The Walk to the Sea consists of ten freestanding glass panels located at the eight spots throughout the city.


Walk through the city of Boston, stopping along the way to learn about the transformation that made Boston what it is today.

Destinations along the way include:

Beacon Hill

King’s Chapel

Government Center

The Old  State House

Financial District

Custom House

Rose Kennedy Greenway

Long Wharf


As always, for a more comprehensive list of family activities, visit our friends at North Shore Kid


GHS Varsity Cheerleaders are headed down to Nationals in Orlando, Florida

The GHS Varsity Cheerleaders are headed down to Nationals in Orlando, Florida today.  We would like to thank everyone that donated IN ANY WAY.   Whether you bought a raffle ticket, pledged to our Go Fund Me, came to Katrina’s or Jalapeno’s , donated gift certificates, allowed us to sell tickets at your business, posted on your website, or  put something in a donation bucket we are grateful beyond words. Everyone near and far  helped make this possible.  We know that the team will do their best to represent our beautiful city and make you all proud!

With sincere gratitude, 

The Gloucester High School Cheerleaders and Cheering Boosters