Introducing The Newest Member Of a The GMG Family- Bridgette Matthews!

I’m very happy to have Bridgette on the team.  I’ve been a fan of her photography for a long time.  And you know when you get that feeling about good people? Well Bridgette is one of those people. Positive energy 24/7. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy her posts!

Please welcome her with me to the team!



Gloucester House SENA2016 Innovate Gloucester -11 kimsmithdesigns.comMayor Romeo Theken and Ninety Nine Restaurant and Pub President Charlie Noyes signing the declaration.

Gloucester House SENA2016 Innovate Gloucester -13 kimsmithdesigns.comMoving Gloucester Forward!

Today before an international delegation from the Seafood Expo North America held at the Gloucester House Restaurant luncheon, Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken announced a brand new partnership between Ninety Nine Restaurant and Pub, Gloucester Seafood Processing, and Fishermen’s Wharf.  Ninety Nine will source local seafood from Gloucester to all of its 105 New England restaurants.

“The City of Gloucester would like to thank the Ninety Nine Restaurant and Pub for this new business opportunity for the Gloucester seafood industry. The relationship between our city and the Ninety Nine Restaurant and Pub would not have happened if it were not for the strength of Gloucester seafood and its world-renowned products, ” said Mayor Theken

“The Ninety Nine Restaurant and Pub is based here in Massachusetts and as part of our culture, we strive to build local partnerships with communities across the region. We see today’s announcement, and our decisions to contract Gloucester Seafood as a smart way to support our efforts to offer healthy, fresh, local options to our guests,” said President Charlie Noyes. “We are proud to support the local economy and offer Gloucester seafood to our guests given its strong reputation in the marketplace.”Gloucester House SENA2016 Innovate Gloucester -9

Gloucester House SENA2016 Innovate Gloucester kimsmithdesigns.comGloucester Fishermen’s Wives President Angela San Filippo, Maria and Sal Di Stefano

Gloucester House SENA2016 Innovate Gloucester -8 kimsmithdesigns.comChamber President Ken Riehl and Community Development’s Carol Thistle

Gloucester House SENA2016 Innovate Gloucester -12 kimsmithdesigns.comMayor Sefatia thanking Lenny LinquataGloucester House SENA2016 Innovate Gloucester -3

Gloucester House SENA2016 Innovate Gloucester -2 kimsmithdesigns.comGloucester House SENA2016 Innovate Gloucester -4 kimsmithdesigns.comCity Councilors Scott Memhard and Jamie O’Hara


Breaking: Last Night’s Aurora Borealis at Old Garden Beach Rockport

Roger Porter got a great shot of the Aurora Borealis last night looking north from Old Garden Beach in Rockport. All you need is a good view of the northern horizon and some sign that an Aurora might happen. Go here to the Gloucester Area Astronomy Club Web Site and click on the Ephemerides menu and click Aurora. This will give you the odds as to an aurora happening.

The stubby white line is an airplane caught in the short exposure.
The stubby white line is an airplane caught in the short exposure.

Click here for more cool shots of stuff up in the sky by Roger Porter.

James Eves Creating The Finishing Touch For This Years St. Joseph Altar! 

Keep an eye out for the big reveal !  

Novena Girls Gather at Sista Felicia’s to Assemble The 2016 St. Joseph Altar!


IMG_6312Part of yesterdays crew, from back left Sista Felicia, Jacquelyn Amero, Andrea Buttler, Dee Noble, Eleanor Tucker,Andrea Carlson, Nicole Curcuru, Mo Klop, Julie Douglass, Pat Ciaramitaro, Carlene Delaney, Cindy Beck



Andrea Carlson and Sue Lovasco preparing the altar for the fabric and lace


Nicole Curcuru and Jacquelyn Amero removing the Saints and Angel figurines from the china cabinet, for their annual bath!




Tanya Frost keeping tradition…Bathing each and every Saint before it’s placed on the Altar



A special “Thank You” from the bottom of my heart for everyone’s help and support. I ‘m blessed to have you all, and look forward to honoring St. Joseph together. We have 30+ more years of keeping tradition and building memories together.  


Julie Douglass dressing the tables


Mrs. San Giuseppe 2016…Andrea Carlson!  


Jacquelyn Amero, a new comer to our St. Joseph Altar this year, drove one and half hours from her home in New Hampshire to be apart of building this years altar. Like so many others in our community,  Jacquelyn grew up celebrating the Feast of St. Joseph as a child, and has longed to get back to her childhood roots celebrating and honoring St. Joseph. Yesterday Jacquelyn found her way back to an altar to be apart of a tradition that’s in her Sicilian Blood. Our families have been friends for generations, and I’m sure our grandparents had something to do with reconnecting her to St. Joseph and us after so many years.  Jacquelyn reminisced about attended  her great grandmother, Lucia Auditore Pino’s Feast of St. Joseph Novena, one of over 36 St. Joseph Altars thought out Gloucester years ago during the fishing industries prime throughout the day. I was thrilled to have Jacquelyn here, and even more thrilled that she reached out to me after seeing all the photos posted last year. Welcome Jackie! This Altar is for all who grew up with this amazing tradition, and are longing to have it be apart of their lives again.


Abbey Mathews, Nicole Curcuru, Dee Noble


“Ma” & Bridget Mathews, carefully placing “Aunt Vinci Militello’s” antique Saint and Angel figurines on the altar



Magical things happen on our Altar each year. Yesterday while assembling this years altar dressed in Gold & White and adorned in Angel  feathers, new comer & friend Charlene M Delaney​ noticed the lights flickering on the altar every time she held her camera phone up to take a photo of the altar. Immediately we all took out our phones and held them up to see if our phones displayed the sane flickering lights…not one displayed the same images…Only Charlene’s. Here is a small video clip of the flickering images her phone displayed each & every time she held her phone up to photograph the altar throughout the entire afternoon! I Believe the Angels are letting us know they are happy with the  design of this years altar & that Charlene has joined our group for prayer this year!

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Five-Day Bare Bones Wood Carving Classes With David Calvo March 16-20, 2016

Five-Day Bare Bones Wood Carving Classes

The Bare Bones Wood Carving Class will give the beginner carving enthusiast a solid foundation in woodcarving because we address the carving skill from its most simpliest building blocks. No matter what your carving style preference is you need to know the fundamentals of carving technique and you need to know it well. In sports, because woodcarving is part sport, the learning curve of having strong fundamentals is akin to a tennis pro who has trained his tennis volley to be both effortless and graceful. Woodcarving can be effortless and graceful too. This is the romance and attraction of the skill.


  • WOOD CARVING TOOL SHARPENING: Learn how to design and sharpen your tool edge so that you have better control and a more versatile woodcarving chisel. I will show you how to sharpen with the proficiency that was used in the European apprenticship programs. I will also incorporate some Japanese sharpening theory because it comes from the samari traditions and is an integral part of their apprenticeship. Sharp tools that easily bite into the wood and do not skate are an important ingredient for woodcarving with intent.

  • WOOD CARVING TECHNIQUE: Learn how to handle your carving tools in the wood; from roughing out the beginnings of your project to the final delicate detailing. I teach an approach I call “anatomy integration” and it is an integral part of good hand technique. Wood carving is a skill that incorporates the body to better assist your hand control of the gouges. It is like a baseball pitcher throwing you a ball. You swing with the bat and use your body to step into the hit. The same is true in woodcarving, you use your body strength and weight for the cutting action. Simply stated; You don’t have to be a physical giant to handle woodcarving tools; it’s all in the technique.

  • YOUR WOOD CARVING PROJECT: In the five-day class each students will complete a few wood carving projects. In addition to practice exercises, you will carve a large fleur-de-lis that contains all the possible carving approaches and a woodcarver’s compass to understand wood grain. These are great projects because we can learn all aspects of carving thru them: technique, visual mapping and design elements. Each student does the same project which allows me creatively to keep repeating myself so the information I give you is reinforced. I have time tested this approach over many years and it is highly successful for adults.

  • ART OF SEEING: Learn the mechanical steps in the process of carving. Often I hear my new students say what I call the beginner’s mantra… “What do I do next?” There are mechanical steps to seeing what is the next move in your project. I also work with an approach method I call visual mapping. It is an activity that helps you to move through the progressive steps of your carving project. It is teachable and gaining this skill is critical for the beginner’s eye.

  • DESIGN SKILLS: Learn how to design your wood carving projects using references that many of the great artists used. There are many basic tools and mechanical steps to designing that are unknown to the novice woodcarver. This approach to building your design will expand your imagination and the steps to creating your own projects will start to come more easily to you. Finally, among many other things, you will learn about building contrast in your piece, a necessity to having a striking, attractive look.

This wood carving class will give you the skills to add a creative, personal details to all your wood working projects. The class and workshop formats are two, three or five days in length. Calvo Woodcarving School located in Gloucester, Massachusetts is a convenient commute from Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey, Connecticut, New York and New York City areas. For those flying in we are located 45 minutes north of Logan Airport in Boston. For more description info click on: The Bare Bones of Wood Carving Article. This wood carving workshop will give you skills that will put you on a whole new level. You will be surprisingly pleased with your new found woodcarving abilities.

March 16-20, 2016   Five-Day Wood Carving Workshop   Wed – Sun