Kingsford Blue Bag Pro Comp Briquettes On Sale At Costco Cheap!

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Northeast BBQ

Time to load up!

PNW Smoker, a forum member at passed along this great Charcoal sale at Costco –


On sale this month. Their ad says $ off, but they don’t give you the price.

After instant rebate, two 18lb bags are $15.69. I was at Home Depot just before Costco and they had 11lb bags for $9.88. That’s nearly half the price at Costco

Pretty good deal at Costco I’d say. I got my three bundle limit 🙂

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Recently, I was contacted by the writer Claire Alemian as she was hoping to license one of my Brace Cove sunrise photos for the cover of her forthcoming novel. Claire grew up in Gloucester, her Dad worked at Cape Pond Ice, and her story is set in Gloucester.

Here is the cover!

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 3.06.49 PM

I’ve never met Claire but she and her husband Bruce are taking me out for lunch this week. I am looking forward to meeting she and Bruce and wish Claire the greatest success with her novel. The following is the synopsis submitted by Claire ~

Claire (Tebo) Alemian, author of the novel “In the Shadow of Light, grew up in Gloucester during the sixties and knows well the many cultures that live there, including the waterfront where her father worked all of his life at the Cape Pond Ice Company. Before leaving at the age of eighteen, Claire worked in the fish factories one summer, an experience that gave her a first-hand view of the tough work and even tougher people that get up every day and make it happen.

Although her novel is a fictional story of survival and the search for truth, most of it occurs on Cape Ann and draws on her familiarity with it’s unique settings, colorful characters and diverse cultures that live side by side.

The story is told in the voice of Ramona Newton as she looks back on her earlier life. By the time she is fifteen, her mother has walked out, her father soon to follow, and she ends up at a place called the Far East, tending bar for Charlie Big and hustling pool in order to survive.

The story captures the turbulence of the 1960s and reveals the clash of generations and class divides, the turmoil created by the Vietnam War and racial injustice, and ultimately, a remarkable journey of finding oneself.

Anticipated release: June 27, 2016. Claire can be contacted at:

Riley and Hannah visiting Nonnie and Papa

Riley 4 and Hannah 2 had a great and fun time with Papa and Nonnie in Gloucester last weekend. Between Good Harbor Beach, Stage Fort Park, visiting the horses on Mussel Point, the Alpacas at Marshall Farm Stand and most important Toodeloos Toy lots of fun memories.

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What do you see?

what do you see

Every time I catch this out of the corner of my eye when walking on Toronto Ave. in the early morning, I always think there is some large creature stalking through the woods, or an ogre carrying a stick and rushing somewhere.  When the crows are really being vocal, I see a gigantic crow or raven.  It gets my attention every time.  What do you see?

E.J. Lefavour

Chamber Partners with City for the Block Parties

More Cape Ann Community News-

Cape Ann Community

Block Party Logo.png

Mayor Announces Partnership with Cape Ann Chamber
Chamber to take over coordination of annual city block parties

Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken announced recently that the City will be partnering with the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce in order to coordinate the downtown block parties this year.

As the residents of Gloucester know well, the annual block parties are a festive and busy time. For years, they were overseen by volunteers. During that time, the block parties have grown drawing more and more people to the downtown area. This year is not expected to be any different. In order to maximize the opportunity that the block parties present and to ensure that participation and revenues continue to grow, the City has enlisted the help of the Cape Ann Chamber and its business membership to promote and serve all those who will attend.

“The annual block parties are an important time for…

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Wednesdays with Fly Amero ~ This week, in honor and celebration of the amazing life of KAY ELLIS




Wednesday, March 9th
This week, in honor and celebration
of the amazing life of KAY ELLIS

I shall be humbly stepping down from my duties at the Rhumb
Line.  Not to say the establishment will be closed – just that Kay
was/is a dear, dear friend and my place is by her side.  I look
forward to seeing you all next week! ~ Fly
Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
Plus a fine, affordable wine menu!
Chick & Ellen

Fozzie Hill










Tipping the Scales

So, here’s my question this week.  Do you tip on ice cream?  I’d like to think I’m a pretty decent tipper.  When figuring out a tip on a tab at dinner or for drinks, I usually go for 22%…more than the maybe average 20% but not a full 25% because that feels a little bit excessive.  I also usually err on the side of caution if I’m not totally certain that tipping is necessary but would be appreciated.  I try to survey the scene and see if others are tipping first…like on a shuttle bus to/from the airport.  If others are, I do.  But…if others aren’t…I feel even worse and so I tip then as well.

So, the other day, the boys and I stopped for ice cream and, after having paid in exact change, I only had a $20 bill left.  I agonized a bit because that left me with nothing to put into the little tip cup.  I walked away feeling totally guilty….but then thought, “Well, is it necessary or just kind of rare, but appreciated, to tip the person who scoops a couple of ice cream cones for you?”   My modus operandi is to give my spare change if it is close to like 75 cents…or $1 if my change is less than that.  Is that cheap?

So, what do you do?


Rockport Cub Scouts Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner

More Cape Ann Community News-

Cape Ann Community

2016 corned beef flyer

Rockport Cub Scouts’ Pack 55 are hosting their second annual Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner Fundraiser on Saturday, March 12 from 4-7PM at Spiral Hall on the corner of Broadway & School street in Rockport. Dinner, Beverage and Dessert is $10 for adults and $7 for children under 12. Carry-out will be available. Cash, Local Checks & Credit Cards accepted. All proceeds will support Cub Scouting in Rockport. E-mail for more info.

2016 corned beef flyer

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