You can now buy your 2016 fishing permit on your phone and save a copy of it there? No need to print it!

@MassDMF: DYK you can buy your 2016 permit on your phone and save a copy of it there? No need to print it! #FishMA


Question for our readers, If you are standing at Loblolly Cove and facing the Twin Lights, which is South Light and which is the North Light? Probably an obvious question to most but I am confused looking at the websites. Thank you!

Twin Lights sunrise ©Kim Smith 2016

Photoshop Class is on a Saturday this time.


Register on-line or just come by
Cape Ann Giclée, Fine Art Printing and Gallery
20 Maplewood Ave, Gloucester MAjan23class-webGraphic160123_mtw8lm.jpg

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Got Soup?

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Hearty Soup Hearty Soup

Got Soup? Today temperature’s are climbing back into the twenties! Practically a heat wave! With bone-chilling winter temperatures in New England, nothing says ‘comfort and warmth’ as much as a steaming bowl of soup. Soups are inexpensive, easy to make, delicious and nutritious. Explore recipes or get creative and make your own. One of my favorite winter standbys is my ‘chock-o-block’ vegetable soup, made with 10 different vegetables, potatoes, and a variety of beans. You can mix and match vegetables and spices in soup to your liking.

Serve soup steaming hot. Mix in some fresh greens at the last-minute for added nutrition. Add a hunk of warm bread on the side for added comfort. Enjoy!

Nutritional Value of Soup. Soups are often full of a variety of nutrient-dense vegetables, legumes, other fiber-filled ingredients, and spices offering great flavors, aromas and health-promoting nutrients  in one bowl. *Avoid high salt…

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Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree Harvest: Field of buoys many steps to Cape Ann Art Haven auction

Cat Ryan submits-

Have a look at this beautiful field of buoys. And think about another goodwill step of this annual ritual

Cape Ann Art Haven adds a clear coat to each and every one of our kids’ buoys before the annual auction.

Don’t forget

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Art Haven Buoy Auction & Family Fun Night

Friday, January 22, 2016
Cruiseport Gloucester

Tickets are $10 before the event and $15 at the door. Free admittance for children. Purchase tickets at the Art Haven and Hive locations or online here.

Free admittance for families with children who painted a buoy during buoy painting week. No tickets necessary – names will be checked at the door.

Join us for a spirited night of fundraising and family fun to support our organization. The funds that are raised will sustain our efforts to provide our classes free of charge to students from low-income families.

This year, Cape Ann Power Yoga is donating one free class to every individual who buys a buoy!