mike linquataThis is a story of an unusual creature that made good. This creature was known as “squid”. Today it is called calamari. When it was known as squid there were no sales of this product. It was not on any restaurant’s menu. It just had no appeal to the public or to restaurant cooks or owners.

Prior to 1950, the Gloucester fishing fleet would have some mixed in with their catch of other fish such as whiting or ocean perch. The fishermen did not get paid for this product. It was considered waste.

However, some of the workers, including this author, would on occasion take some home to be cooked. In my case, I had to do the cooking because the squid would have some water in them and this would splatter. I overcame the problem, but I kept the job.

Sometimes if I had cooked more than the family could consume I would bring the extra to the fish workers. Many had never eaten this before. Now there wasn’t as much waste. The workers started to bring some home to be cooked.

About a year later I assumed the position of manager of the Gloucester House Restaurant. Now I had to teach the cooks how to prepare the squid for cooking, then the proper timing to cook, then I had to overcome the dining room staff’s reluctance to suggest this item to the customers.

We overcame these problems by first changing the name from “squid” to “calamari”. Then to introduce the product, for about a year, we put a small sample on each table for customers to try at no cost. Then the next year we put it on the printed menu.

Today there are probably a thousand restaurants in the United States that have calamari (not squid) on their menus. We think that ours is still the best.

This started in Gloucester, by the Gloucester House Restaurant and the Linquata family, the owners of the Gloucester House Restaurant.



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@CharleyCasserly With The Most Absurd Troll Job Ever Saying Peyton Manning Outplayed Tom Brady This Weekend #nflnetwork

The Homie Cast

Nephew BJ forwarded this tweet to me.
Do journalists get rewarded for posting such obvious troll job statements just for clicks? Like as far as being a respected journalist at what point do you just throw all your integrity out the window in favor of getting clicks on your twitter profile? Do you think the NFL Network encourages it’s writers to write such obvious horseshit to trump up the next meeting between The Patriots and The Broncos in The AFC Championship game so they can act like Manning is still playing anywhere near the same level as Tom Brady is?

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Market Basket Encouraging People To Repurpose Cardboard Boxes Instead Of Using Plastic Bags Is A Good Thing

Donna Spoke About This On Yesterday’s  GloucesterCast Podcast
Good To See Market Basket Publicizing It On All The Registers!
Listen To Her Talk About The Gloucester Clean Group Initiative On Yesterday’s Podcast Here-

GloucesterCast 166 With Guests Steven Winslow, @DonnaArd , Leslie Heffron, @KimSmithDesigns and Host @Joey_C Taped 1/17/16



Don’t Let This Be You Today- Drive Carefully!

What amazes me about this video is how they just let the race go on and act so nonchalant after car after car go toppling ass-over-teakettle.
Ho-Hum. Just another racer doing six flips in his car. Let’s get him out of the way quick so we can watch the next guy try to flip his car 7 times.
Good times.

Mark Your Calendar- January 18, 2016 Winter Finally Arrived In #GloucesterMA @MattNoyesNECN

I left the house for work this morning much like I would every morning we’ve had this season- dressed like it was still fall. A long sleeve dry fit shirt under a heavy pullover.  Been fine like that right up til when I opened the door this morning to see the first decent amount of snow accumulation.  Took me a bit to clear the truck off and I was covered and cold without gloves in the truck to clear it off.  So the point is,  as of 5:00AM we’ve got 2.75 inches if snow and it’s cold so dress for it and leave yourself a little extra time to clear off the car and drive safely to wherever you need to go.
I hope this doesn’t turn out like last year when we didn’t have it too bad til the middle of January and then it just came coming relentlessly right through April.