Male Mute swan Cygnus olor copyright 2016In the above photo you can see our super smart Mr. Swan drinking freshwater from snow melting on the roof above its head, which was running down the gutters and into the harbor.

Mute Swans mostly drink freshwater (and a great deal of it) because most of the places that you find swans living at are on freshwater ponds, lakes, rivers, and inlets. However, just above the eyes and under the skin, swans have a gland that enables them to drink saltwater. This gland removes salt from their bloodstream and concentrates it into a solution that is excreted from their nostrils, which the swan can shake its head to clear.

There are a number of good folks in Rockport and Gloucester who keep a watchful eye on our local swans. Thursday I had the joy of meeting Lois and Serena, who have been feeding and observing the swans for over twenty years. They have photos of Mr. Swan (known as Buddy in Rockport) dating from 1998. He was already full grown by then, which makes him at least twenty years old. That is quite extraordinary as most Mute Swans in the wild live on average only to twelve years of age.

My deepest thanks and appreciation to Lois and Serena for the time they took sharing swan stories, the reading material lent, and for their kind and goodhearted nature, especially towards Buddy/Mr. Swan!

As you may or may not have read here on Good Morning Gloucester, I have been filming the swans over the past several years for a film project. If you have a Cape Ann swan story that you would like to share I would love to hear from you. Please contact me at Thank you so much!

The Tyacks Need our Prayers and Support


Nate and Amy Tyack of Essex were pregnant with their first child…then found out they were actually having twins! But complications arose. Amy started getting sick, and was in abnormal pain. The babies were having complications, and at only 28 weeks were born via emergency C-Section. Liberty was born 2.2lbs and Prairie was born 0.8 lbs. They both have a long road ahead, which is now made much harder.  Amy’s pain would not subside, and after more tests over the next couple days, the Tyacks were given some unimaginable news.  Amy has stage 4 colon cancer that has spread to her liver and more. She has amazing faith in God, and is going to fight it with everything she’s got.  But Nate, Amy, Liberty and Prairie need our support. They need our prayers. This is going to be a very difficult battle, and anything we can do to ease their burden and lessen the distractions of provision would be a huge blessing.

E.J. Lefavour

“If you don’t have a good evening, you should have yourself checked to make sure you haven’t died during the day.” -Malachy McCourt

On St. Patricks day, you can mosey on down the road to Beverly’s intimate Larcom Theatre, and see the only Boston area performance of the critically acclaimed Irish comedy, “A Couple of Blaguards” by Frank McCourt (Pulitzer Prize winning author of the New York Times Bestseller “Angela’s Ashes”) and Malachy McCourt, author of New York Times Bestseller “A Monk Swimming.”

Called “Wickedly Funny” by Time Out New York, “Memorable” by the New York Times with “An unholy amount of charm!” (Washington Post). GET TICKETS HERE!

According to Malachy McCourt, This show is the result of Frank and me listening to the stories of our elders which in turn tunes the ear, the eye and the tongue to observe and give voice to even the most trivial of events. I think we had more fun than anyone writing and performing Blaguards, which has become an affectionate term for the rowdy, outgoing, and sometimes drinking sort of boys. If you don’t have a good evening, you should have yourself checked to make sure you haven’t died during the day.

Veteran actors Howard Platt (“What About Joan?” “Sandford and Son,” “The Bob Newhart Show,” “The Rock,” “Nixon” … many more) and Jarlath Conroy (“True Grit,” “Law & Order,” “NYPD Blue,” “Putzel,” “The Art of Getting By,” “Across the Universe,” “Kinsey,” “Stay,” “Day of the Dead,” “Heaven’s Gate,” to list but a very few) portray Malachy and Frank McCourt in this extraordinarily moving and “Wickedly Funny” stage production.

Can you imagine a better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Cala’s Short Ribs Melt In Your Mouth

More Cape Ann Dining News-



Melt in your mouth, taste like candy.

Using the Serenitee Rewards card a new benefit showed up. A free appetizer at the latest addition to the Serenitee restaurant Group-

TWK (The Waterfield Kitchen)

14 Thompson Street
Winchester, MA 01890

 TWK offers many different experiences. It’s a place to kick back with friends for an après work drink, enjoy a romantic dinner in one of the dining room’s cozy booths, or discover new music in the upstairs lounge.

Keeping a focus on seasonality and local ingredients, TWK’s menu features contemporary, casual cuisine and creative sushi. In addition to craft cocktails and a wide selection of beers, TWK boasts an extensive wine list, both by the bottle (with over 120) and glass.

Visit TWK [The Waterfield Kitchen]’s web site at

If you don’t have a Serenitee rewards card you’re just plain crazy.

The Serenitee Rewards Card allows you earn points…

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