GMG Alternative Energy Series- EnergySage Website- Compare Solar Quotes With Just A Few Clicks


EnergySage Is A Game Changer.  They couldn’t make learning about solar quicker, more transparent or easier to understand than this.  In my quest to bring more info to you, my peeps, I went into EnergySage Headquarters and spoke with Senior Solar Advisor Kimberly Le who demonstrated just how few clicks it takes to get an instant estimate and then how after you register with a few more clicks that you can get a bunch of area solar installers (who are all vetted and approved by EnergySage) and have user ratings in their profiles (much like the way Amazon or Trip Advisor has user generated reviews) which give you an idea of how happy people are with their installations.

The part I like best is how all of the different Solar companies compete for your business, and they all load their quotes in a standardized way that EnergySage set up so that you can compare each installer’s quotes side by side.  Aaaaand then to take it even a step further, EnergySage takes the equipment that each solar installer is proposing for your project and rates the solar panels in a grading system.   Aaaaaand you always have access to totally impartial passionate about Solar, EnergySage Solar Advisors that can further guide you and answer any questions you may have along the way.

You know how I’m all about the No-Brainer initiatives that are wins for everyone involved.  Well this is literally a NO-Risk, everything to gain, super simple, super fast way to check out Solar options for you.

Check out the first interview I did with Kimberly Le, Senior Solar Advisor for EnergySage right here and then check out the EnergySage Website and for zero cost just fill out the measly three  fields to get an instant quote.  You don’t even have to talk to anyone if you don’t want to.

Here’s the link to get an instant estimate- EnergySage

Once you get an instant estimate based on your address, you can register to get access to the marketplace where the different EnergySage Vetted and Approved Installers start to email you quotes and they appear in your EnergySage Marketplace Dashboard side by side where you can compare things like what each installer is proposing for a warrantee, each installer’s user generated reviews, an installation target date, what type of panels they propose to use, and more.  Best part is that on every page there are little question marks that when you click on them, explain in further detail what each term means, also there’s an EnergySage Advisor that is just a mouse click away that will help you as well if you have any questions.



PH-123009997-2 Norman Smith, Director of Mass Audubon’s Blue Hills Trailside Museum in Milton, has been relocating snowy owls from Logan Airport for 35 years. He does this for the safety of both the owls and planes that use the airspace.

On Wednesday, December 30, Smith brought an adult female snowy owl he had safely removed at Logan to Sandy Neck Beach in Barnstable and released it back into the wild. This owl was one of 15 Smith has removed from the airport this year. Before she was released, Smith attached a a new G3 solar transmitter, which will track her movements. The transmitter was provided by Project SNOWstorm, who collaborates with Trailside’s snowy owl research.

The Cape Cod Times was there to capture the release on video. Read more about Norman Smith and the Snowy Owl Project here. From the Mass Audubon website.


PH-123009997-1PHOTOS: Merrily Cassidy/Cape Cod Times


American Goldfinch -1 ©Kim Smith 2015

The Rocky Neck Art Colony kicks off the 2016 exhibition season with an extraordinary six-week exhibition and fundraising event at the RNAC’s Cultural Center at Rocky Neck. Juried by Amy Montague, the Director of the Museum of American Bird Art at Mass Audubon, in Canton MA, the exhibition “For The Birds” features multi-media avian art. The public is invited to a reception on Sunday, January 31 at 2-4 PM. Save the dates for a talk on the life and art of John J. Audubon by noted local author Chris Leahy, Bertrand Chair of Field Ornithology at Mass Audubon, at the Cultural Center on Thursday, February 11 at 7:00 PM, a talk about the Birds of Cape Ann by local photographer and filmmaker Kim Smith, and “The Artful Birdhouse,” an auction of original, artist-created birdhouses on Sunday February 21, beginning at 1:00 PM. A raffle of a basket full of birding-related items concludes the events with a drawing of the winning ticket on Sunday, March 6 at 2:00 PM. A portion of all events proceeds will support Mass Audubon’s mission to protect the flora and fauna of Massachusetts.

Concurrent with RNAC’s “For The Birds” exhibition, The Trident Gallery, Director Matthew Swift, presents “Nest” its third annual exhibition in partnership with Mass Audubon’s Museum of American Bird Art offering artworks from the Museum’s collection. Exhibition dates: January 30 – March 6, 2016.

The songs, vivid colors and enormous variety of bird species attracted to Cape Ann’s coastal waters, marshes, and waterways often bring with them both birding enthusiasts and artists, each drawn by their vibrant visual appeal. Come to The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck to view the aesthetic heights their wildly patterned beauty has inspired in the work of New England artists’ multi-media offerings in painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, assemblage, and more.

This spectacular melding of the avian and the artistic is juried by Amy Montague, Director of the Museum of Bird Art at Mass Audubon, the only museum dedicated to art inspired by the beauty, science and wonder of birds. In her 23 years at Mass Audubon, Ms. Montague has stewarded and grown the organization’s broad and eclectic art collection that embraces fine art, folk art, sporting art, illustration, and more. She has curated more than thirty exhibitions exploring the intersection of art and nature focusing on artists as varied as John James Audubon and Andy Warhol. She has twice been a juror for the internationally renowned “Birds in Art” exhibition at the Woodson Art Museum in Wisconsin.

The Artful Birdhouse Auction: Sunday, February 21. Preview 1-2PM, Live Auction at 2:15 PM. The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, 6 Wonson Street, Gloucester MA. Engaging the charm and appeal of birdhouses as a foundation, the imagination of friends and members of the Rocky Neck Art Colony will soar in creating whimsical, modern, traditional, fantasy and completely unexpected “artful” birdhouses. The following artists have donated their time and talents for an auction of their birdhouse creations in support of Mass Audubon and in conjunction with the “For The Birds” art exhibit at The Cultural Center. Promoting the Auction, early bird creators will have the opportunity to display their works at several venues in and around Gloucester.

Artists participating in the auction event are Kathy Gerdon Archer, Deborah Barnwell, Carol Mansur Benesh, Lisa Carlson, Joy Dai Buell, Elizabeth Gauthier, Rachel Gauthier, Joy Halsted, Jane Keddy, Mindy Lind-terk, Ron MacNeill, Tom Nihan, Sinikka Nogello, Christy Park, Hans Pundt, Kenny Riaf, Karen Ristuben, Sally Seamans, Pam Stratton, Karen Tibbetts, and Karen Tusinski among others.

“For the Birds” A Juried Exhibition of Avian Related Art, January 28 to March 6, 2016, Opening Reception: Sunday, January 31, 2–4 PM.

John J. Audubon: The Man and His Art, A talk by Chris Leahy, Bertrand Chair of Field Ornithology at Mass Audubon, Thursday, February 11, 7 PM.

Birds of Cape Ann, Talk,photos, and short films by local filmmaker and photographer Kim Smith, Thursday, February 18th, at 7PM.

The Artful Birdhouse: An auction of artist-created birdhouses, Sunday, February 21, Preview: 1-2 PM, Live Auction at 2:15 PM.

Raffle Drawing for a basket of birding related items, Sunday, March 6 at 2 PM

The Cultural Center Gallery

6 Wonson Street, Gloucester, MA 01930 Gallery hours: Thurs-Sun, 12:00-4:00 PM

Bonapartes Gulls Preening -2 ©Kim Smith 2015

Bonaparte’s Gulls Preening Lighthouse Beach

Pavillion Hotel and Other Cool Old Gloucester Photos

pavillion hotel_mike DiLascio

I never knew there was once a Pavillion Hotel, apparently at Pavillion Beach.  I guess the new hotel is just history repeating itself.  Mike DiLascio sent me this link to share with GMG readers.  There are a number of really cool and interesting old photos of Gloucester.  In memory of Fred Bodin.✓&keywords=gloucester+massachusetts#

E.J. Lefavour

January Ritual: Make Mondays Your Favorite Day

More Cape Ann Wellness News –

Cape Ann Wellness

Saltwater Massage Studio is making 2016 the year of R I T U A L S.

sunset “It’s not rocket science or religion – it’s just joy.”

If you know me, you know my passion is for providing massage therapy that “does something” – massage that makes a difference and alleviates physical pain. But lately I’ve been thinking about the other “something” that massage does. Massage can also be a tool to create moments of stillness, silence and (dare I say) happiness in our lives. And that makes a difference too. And alleviates pain. Couldn’t we all use a bit of therapeutic rest?

I believe that happiness makes us healthier people. I’m not saying happiness will cure cancer (believe me, I know it doesn’t), but I do think that “calming the inner storm” makes us a little more patient, more kind, and more generous. And maybe then we can become more…

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HarborLAB Squid Dissection at Maritime Gloucester

More Cape Ann Community News –

Cape Ann Community


Don’t let the kids have all the fun!

Wednesday, February 3rd from 6:30 – 8:00 pm come to our adult HarborLAB and learn all about marine invertebrates. At this– our first HarborLAB, participants will learn about cephalopods and dissect a squid. We will locate and identify the internal organs and learn how scientists classify these animals. You’ll never look at a plate of fried calamari in the same way! Easy online registration HERE.

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Congratulations to Susan Koehler-Arsenault , the New Rockport Cultural District Director

The members of the Rockport Cultural District (RCD) hiring committee, with the support of RCD stakeholders, are pleased to announce Susan Koehler-Arsenault as the new part-time Director of the Rockport Cultural District.

Arsenault came to Rockport in 2014 from Schenectady, New York. She is co-owner of The Art of David Arsenault Gallery on Bearskin Neck and has been the volunteer chair of the RCD since April 2015. She has brought vitality to the RCD by reinitiating the partner meetings and working as a liaison between the Chamber of Commerce and the RCD stakeholders. She has also reinitiated the Rockport Art Colony Galleries group that meets regularly. Arsenault also oversees the RCD social media and media; she encourages community collaboration for arts and culture activities between the RCD and festival groups including Rockport Exchange, Rockport Illuminations, and Christmas in Rockport, and is the weekend guide for summer walking tours of the RCD. She is also known for her weekly activity listing: “This Week in Rockport” a weekly “who’s who” of arts and culture activities taking place in the district.

“The Good Old Salty Jazz Band” Tonight at The Dave Sag’s Blues Party 8:30pm @ The Rhumb Line 1.7.2016

dave-sag-rl-4-3-2014-1 (2)

Happy New Year!  Here’s one resolution you should enforce: c’mon out this Thursday and see a RARE appearance of the Good Old Salty Jazz Band  at the RhumbLine. Caught enflagrante, these cats will curl your toes with their invigorating versions of famous early 20th century jazz, ten pin alley, tin pan alley-oop and great american schlongbook classics. There’s like nine of us, or mebbe even 13, depending on who remembers to show up. This is a rare event, and I guarantee your satisfaction or double your money back! Actually, it’s free! Showtime 8:30!

Next week: Mike O’connell and the Three Stooges, featuring George McAnn, Chuck’s brother and erstwhile guitarist in the James Montgomery Band. Spread out! Why don’t you get a toupee with some brains in it? Nyuk Nyuk.



40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732

Sayings to make you smile and take your mind off the middle east, the stock market and certain Presidential Hopefuls From Al Bezanson

“Hurry to the back of the ship,” said Tom sternly.

“What’s an angle over 90 degrees ?” asked Tom obtusely.

“I knew the gun wasn’t loaded,” said Tom blankly.

“I’ve injured my leg,” said Tom lamely.

“Use your own toothbrush !” Tom bristled.

“I mustn’t let the fire go out,” Tom bellowed.

“I work at a bank,” said Tom tellingly.

“Nice mirror,” Tom reflected.

“There’s someone at the front door,” Tom chimed in.

“Very well, you can borrow it again,” Tom relented.

“I’ve gone back to my wife,” was Tom’s rejoinder.

“Some you lose,” said Tom winsomely. “I just lost my flashlight” Said Tom in a delighted mannner.

“I just found out that magic is fake!” said Tom in a disenchanted way.

Hurry to the back of the ship, 1024

(Photo from Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race 2012 crew party on 31 ft Quintessence for 115 ft AJ Meerwald)

Al Bezanson

Nichole’s Picks 1/9 + 1/10

Pick #1:  

Snowy Owl Prowl at the Crane Estate

Photo courtesy of http://www.the

Wide-open coastal sites are the location of choice for wintering Snowy Owls; common perches are dunes and salt hay staddles. In winters past, the owls have been frequent visitors to the Crane Wildlife Refuge. Join us as we hike the dunes in search of these magnificent birds. Unlike most owls, snowy owls are diurnal – they hunt and are active both day and night – so we have a good chance of sighting one even in the daylight hours! We’ll warm up with hot cider at the end of our hike.

Please note: We will be hiking up and down dunes, through soft sand, for approximately 2.5 miles. Dress for the weather to maximize comfort and minimize misery! Water is always good to have along. A spotting scope and/or binoculars are helpful when searching for snowy owls. Suggested ages 13 and older. Pre-registration required.

Click HERE to preregister and to read more!

Pick #2:  

2nd Saturday Free at the Cape Ann Museum


The second Saturday of every month is free for families with school-aged children. Families are invited to the Activity Center to participate in art, history, and cultural activities, and explore the museum using a Seek and Find. Each month has a different theme, from exhibitions, to special celebrations, to treasures from the Archives. It’s all about FUN!

Photo courtesy of the Cape Ann Museum

Pick #3: Open Skate at Talbot Rink

Most Saturdays and Sundays from 2:00-4:00 anyone can take to the ice for a very small fee!  Skate rentals are available as well.

Find the rink schedule HERE


For a more comprehensive list of family activities, please visit our friends at North Shore Kid.


January Chamber Events!

More Cape Ann Community Events-

Cape Ann Community

The Chamber has some exciting events happening this month – please join us!

January Business After Hours at Manchester Athletic Club
Come Mix & Mingle with other area business leaders at one of Cape Ann’s finest athletic facilities.  See this state-of-the-art facility and learn about their programs that will keep  you fit in 2016. REGISTER HERE.


FREE Email Marketing Seminar – The Power of the Inbox
(for Chamber Members)
Please join us for a Brown Bag Lunch (bring your own) Seminar on Thursday, January 14, 2016 at the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce.  This excellent FREE seminar, The Power of the Inbox, will teach you the ins and outs of email marketing for your business.  REGISTER HERE.


The 94th Annual Celebration & Cape Ann Divas Concert
This year we are planning something new and different for our Annual Dinner- we are changing up the format!  We will still…

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