Three Guesses As To Who Had A Hand In Building The Awesome Mystery GMG Sign

I’m really not sure how much I could thank the person/s involved in putting this thing together but I’m going to give daily guesses til I figure it out.

Guess # 1 David Calvo.


Reason- David naturally works with wood and has been a FOB for a while.  He was one of my original suspects but yesterday’s comment he left on the post- “What happened?  It wasn’t there this morning.” Leads me to believe he could be involved.  The sign was installed under Captain Joe and Sons sign under the cover of darkness and taken down before noon.  It was there when I got to work in the morning.  The photo we took was with the sign in the office.  So how did he know it had been displaced?   hmmmm  This places him in the number one suspect slot.

Guess #2a and 2b Bex Borden with or without the help of Ed Collard


Bex if anyone saw her on the campaign trail knows by that Ace Hardware shirt she proudly wore during her campaign video as well as during the debate so she would have access to the type of hardware that was attached at the top of the sign.  Bex  is also very creative and not afraid of working with tools.  The reason I add in our long lost pal Ed Collard is because Ed is “The original” handyman and was working with Bex on her campaign for  ward 1.


Would you just look at all three photo suspects- all scream guilty as hell.

So there you go.  Anyone else care to venture a guess?


11 thoughts on “Three Guesses As To Who Had A Hand In Building The Awesome Mystery GMG Sign

    1. I know Frank Ciolino has the heart to do such an awesome act of kindness but I’m not sure if he has the technical woodworking skills. You should see this thing, it’s the real deal.


  1. Most likely it’s a bunch of elves that are living under the dock. Elves tend to do such things. They may have migrated from Lanesville. A lot of Finns used to live there. Elves are of Scandinavian/Germanic origin.


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