Over Ice

I did a post the other day about how much fun it is to tailgate at a polo match over at the Myopia Polo grounds.  If you didn’t read it, check it out HERE

Sure, the picnic spreads can get all fancy and surely there is a fair share of the highfalutin, but don’t for one second think that the crowd isn’t also fun and laid back.

Take this for instance….  It might look like a juxtaposition, but I think not.


Summer is still here and I’m certain you can all think of a celebration or get-together that would be enhanced with your own ice luge!

Check out Cape Pond Ice to order yours today!

3 thoughts on “Over Ice

  1. I believe I would enjoy that ice luge very much…don’t really know much about polo, but that could help me, I think!


  2. IF you want to see a very funny SNL skit (deleted)
    with Charlize Theron and an ice luge…
    find the video of a spoof of ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf?’


  3. Very nice ice! Think this will fit the bill? Over ice even 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    Alan Jackson, Jimmy Buffett – It’s Five O’ Clock Somewhere


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