An Offer To All #GloucesterMA Election Candidates:


As you all know we don’t take political stances here or endorse candidates but what I’d like to offer is an invitation for any candidate that is running for office in Gloucester to submit a video explaining why they think they are best suited for the position they are running for.  The easiest way to do this would be to upload the video to YouTube.

The videos will be released once and placed on GMG at 7PM on the following night that they are received.  If more than one video is submitted to me at then the first one that is submitted will be aired the following evening at 7PM and the next one submitted will be posted the following evening at 7PM.  There will be a link in each candidates post containing their video to which will have all previously submitted candidate’s videos.

Once they are submitted they will be added to where all the videos will be available for viewing at any time on the same page.

In the title of the video it should list the candidate’s name- position they are running for and the words “GMG submission”.

If a candidate is not able to create a video to submit, then that speaks in my opinion to their qualifications to hold a position at this level of City Government.  If a candidate doesn’t read GMG or doesn’t get the word about this opportunity then that also speaks to their qualifications to hold a position at this level of City Government knowing the reach GMG has.

As always the GMG politics disclaimer- any post on these pages containing a candidate does not imply an endorsement for any candidate.  Comments on for these video submissions on the blog will be turned off for these posts as well.

Hopefully this will serve to help candidates get their message across.

Good luck and thank you to all that participate in the process for the love of Gloucester and making it better.

12 thoughts on “An Offer To All #GloucesterMA Election Candidates:

      1. Whatever you can upload to YouTube. If it was me I’d try to keep it less than 10 minutes and speak romantic the heart and include concrete differences between myself and my opponent


  1. This is a cool idea but I am not sure it is a good one. It seems to favor the candidate with the most professional theater production team. Of course that may be what we have come to anyway.


    1. If a candidate wants to get their message across I don’t think there’s a larger online presence locally. There are more than a couple of candidates that I wouldn’t know even if I tripped over them. This is a god way to get to know them in their own words. GMG Numbers

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  2. Joey, once again you will be helping us to better know our city and our candidates running for the different offices. Many thanks for your brilliant ideas!!!!


    1. Indeed and its free. The cost of running a campaign even on the city level is out of control so these free forums like the debates at the Rocky Neck Cultural Center and Library etc help .


  3. Capt Joe,

    Looking at it from the community – what a great way to get the word out on each those running – and I think it’s more personal here too! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂


  4. I hope they have some trash talk in there. No not the bad kind the litter kind. We have much to do to clean our city and keep it clean and it says, Welcome to my city or Trash my City which road will we take. Please talk about it, everyone else is. We Can Do Better.


  5. Trash, what trash? You mean that perfectly good car battery we found in the bushes at the Green Street playground or the mountain of empty bottles surrounding it? ( The DPW won the car battery in our post cleanup raffle. ) That front grille from a Ford truck was also a great find. The city needs bigger yellow bags, that’s all.


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