Vernon’s Pit, Lanesville- Summer of 1972 Mystery

Dee Noble asks-

Through a series of very odd coincidences, Steve and I met Jim and Kathy from Roanake, VA today. They are here as a result of a near-death experience Jim had at Vernon’s Pit in Lanesville in either July or August of 1972. Jim was living temporarily on Day Ave in Lanesville that summer.

Jim and his friend were sitting on the rocks when he realized that a younger kid (high school age) was in trouble in the water. He jumped in and was able to rescue this kid and gave him mouth-to-mouth until the ambulance arrived.

He heard later from a neighbor who knew a nurse at AGH that the kid survived. Jim is determined to find out who this man is.

He is pretty sure the kids name was also Jim, had dark hair, and was with (3) other boys and (1) girl at the time. The man would be somewhere around his 60’s now. Any and all information greatly appreciated. This incident changed the course of Jim’s life and I would love to see him solve the mystery!

3 thoughts on “Vernon’s Pit, Lanesville- Summer of 1972 Mystery

  1. Wish I could help here as we hit the pits a whole bunch in the 60’s wet westward in early may of 1968.. I do remember Vernon’s was vicious if you jumped or dove off there was a very pointed ledge out over the rocks could result in a very bad time! I would suggest the GDT archives or rescue calls logs? 🙂 Dave


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