Blizzard Valentine’s Dinner


 As the blizzard started, we walked over to the Emerson Inn for a s
pecial dinner (it’s always special there). I had the pan seared scallops with lentils and wine sauce. It was delicious, but because of what chemo has done to my taste buds, I ate sparingly. The leftovers will make great omelettes at home. It was nice to dress up. The place is not as formal as my outfit indicates.

Janet, my Valentine: She had the Rack of Lamb, rubbed with brown sugar and dijon mustard, served with a Port Wine reduction. She cleaned the plate with a simile on her face. Leftovers: 4 bare lamb bones.

8 thoughts on “Blizzard Valentine’s Dinner

  1. Very Nice and you both had a great time – that’s what it’s all about! Thanks Fred for sharing this these are the moments to remember always! 🙂 Dave & Kim:-)

    P.S. For me and Kim 32 years and counting-Early Dec 1982 🙂 Dave


  2. Great photos! You both look great and like you were having a marvelous time. Love the Emerson Inn; great for a romantic evening or weekend. Good to see you out and about, enjoying life!


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