Reason #98 Why Rockport Rocks

We get this big dump of snow and John Penaloza has a harebrained idea it would be fun to flip the lights on at Evans Field and go sledding. Jeff Proposki finds the keys to the light pole and done. People bring hotdogs, hot chocolate, kids, and sleds and this is what Evans Field looked like on Sunday night.

Jen Keough backed way up to get 99 people in the shot.

Where's Waldo?
Where’s Waldo?

Facebook group “Rockport Stuff”. If you live in Rockport, definitely worth joining and checking out.

12 thoughts on “Reason #98 Why Rockport Rocks

    1. The minute I saw it in “Rockport Stuff” I asked permission from Jen to repost here. She gave me a thumbs up two minutes later. I almost cut off the white bottom but that would have ruined it.


  1. Gotta set the record straight… Jeff Proposki had the awesome idea for the lights…I just figured we should ‘bigger it’ -brought the fire pit, grill and spread the word. Now we’re gonna have to do it like this EVERY time…oh boy. 😉

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  2. [edit 3/18/2015] corrected hair-brained to harebrained.

    “refers to the perceived qualities of the hare and usually means flighty, reckless, or badly thought out.”


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