Alex Gold Not Too Happy About The Dog Poop Situation At Burnham Field

Wanna go for a walk in Burnham Field, this is what you get (see poop shoe pic below). I want to thank all the lazy inconsiderate people who let their dogs take dumps all along the new paths and don’t bother picking it up.  The walkways are literally littered with dog feces. This is a disgrace and makes one wonder if people don’t respect the places where they live do they respect anything.
Upset resident,


12 thoughts on “Alex Gold Not Too Happy About The Dog Poop Situation At Burnham Field

  1. I assume these are the same ignorant people that pass on trash bins downtown and litter with abandon. Our streets are a disgrace.


  2. If you see something, say something. Approach people who walk away from poop at the beach or park and remind them they forgot something, tap your horn at people who throw cig butts out their car/truck window, etc. By being quiet we are somewhat complicit. You don’t need to get up in someone’s grill to get the point across. A friendly reminder goes a long way.


  3. Just filthy
    I just vomited on my own tummy

    Lazy people we should get a camera and find out who these poop thugs are
    Then collect their dogs craps for one moth
    Then deliver to their homes after that


  4. I totally agree!!!! We all love our dogs, but PLEASE tidy up after them. Have some respect ! Animals are cleaner than humans! They don’t know how to pick up their own poop!!


  5. Totally agree with all comments…I’m a dog owner too and no way can we blame the dogs, it’s upsetting that some people think they are above cleaning up after their pets.
    Since the local residents are not showing any civic responsibility maybe it’s time to pressure the city into getting involved, ex: have them post signs around the park. Perhaps the new mayor could be co-opted to help in the effort


  6. Just a thought!! I know some parks have a caged off area for dogs so the poop is picked and stay out of the field for other’s! Been here before and you pretty much know it when step on it! At least it’s washable it the gum that really sticks to you! 😦 Dave & Kim 😦


  7. We have a wonderful dog park, why doesn’t anyone want to use it, why did we build it for a handful of people? We do have on the books a ordinance that states “No Dogs On Playfields” so my question is why do we encourage the use of our play fields for dogs?


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