More Gloucester Sea Smoke Photos

Sea Smoke Gloucester MA Brace Cove -1 ©Kim Smith 2015Brace Cove Sea Smoke

This morning I set out to check on the swans at Niles Pond and was as captivated by the beautiful sea smoke coming off the Atlantic as were my fellow contributors. I didn’t see the swans, but then again, it was too cold to look for very long.

Sea Smoke Gloucester MA Brace Cove ©Kim Smith 2015 Sea Smoke Gloucester MA Brace Rock ©Kim Smith 2015.JPG Brace Rock

4 thoughts on “More Gloucester Sea Smoke Photos

  1. Kim, you really are a helluva photographer. Plants or butterflies or scenery, you nail it. The second shot in particular is beautifully composed, wonderfully eerie and almost dreamlike.


    1. That is incredibly high praise and very kind thing of you to say Bill and I really appreciate it.

      I almost didn’t post the photos because I thought perhaps it was sea smoke overkill today on the blog. The middle photo came about as I was driving away. I turned around to look one more time and the rock arrangement and angle caught my eye. My hands were pretty frozen by then, but managed to get what I had seen. Thanks so much again for noticing.


  2. Very beautiful shots – bet it was thicker before it started to burn off…When your sitting in the dory can’t see the front of it may be time to turn around and head in…:-) Dave & Kim:-)


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