Nichole’s “Picks of the Weekend” December 27th and 28th

Ok, I’m not going to lie, my First Pick for this weekend would be to R.E.L.A.X!!!

Enjoy some quiet family time.  Watch the kiddos play with their new toys. Unplug.  Plug in. Read a book.  Take a nap.  Go for a walk. Take a nap. Get the holiday crap out of the house.  Regain some normalcy.  Take a nap.  Go for a bike ride. Take a nap.  You get the picture.

Seriously, it is going to be (while I’m no meteorologist) close to 50 degrees.  Get outside and enjoy the somewhat mild weather and just chill.  I’m assuming that, like me, you’ve all been on the go like mad.  Shopping, hiding, finding, losing, wrapping, lying, shopping some more….repeat.  Throw in some holiday parties, engagements, and casual stop bys….and we are all BEAT.

I’m psyched for some major chill time with the family, but, if you are the proverbial energizer bunny and need something to do….have at it. I’ll offer a couple of suggestions.

With all my talk about relaxing, I have to admit I am kind of a hypocrite, because I’m super tempted to sign up for Pick #2

Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary is offering a couple of excellent programs this weekend!

The first is SURVIVOR….family style.  While I kind of feel like every day in our life lately should be dubbed “Survivor Day”…this does sound pretty awesome.

Survivor: Saturday, December 27, or Friday, January 2
Through teamwork and problem-solving, we will explore the woodlands of the sanctuary and imagine that we are explorers stranded in the wilderness. In order to survive, we will need to build shelters, collect firewood, and find food and a water source. Come and find out how you would survive!

The second is Build a Bird Feeder!

Parent/Child Build a Bird Feeder: Sunday, December 28, or Saturday, January 3
Brighten up your yard this winter with a bird feeder handmade by you and your child. Each family will receive a kit containing all the necessary parts to build a feeder that will attract chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, cardinals, and many other birds to your yard. A short slide presentation will highlight the birds that commonly come to feeders. We’ll also observe the sanctuary feeders to see which birds are looking for food. Instructors will circulate to provide assistance.

Check it all out here for sure!


Pick #3

Keeping in mind that it is school vacation and most indoor activities everywhere will be jammed….the Museum of Science is now showing some pretty excellent IMAX movies and a 15 minute 4D Polar Express Show!

The IMAX Theater is showing 1. Galapagos (I will actually travel there some day!! Total bucket list vacation!!) 2. Pandas: The Journey Home  and 3. Mystery of the Maya.

Read More Here.

The Polar Express film…while really short…also looks pretty awesome!

We’ve taken trips into the MOS during school vacations in the past and, while the Museum itself is usually mobbed, we’ve had good luck simply parking, heading to an IMAX movie, and then getting out of there.  I like to save an actual day at the museum for days when it is safe to say that it won’t be too crowded.







One thought on “Nichole’s “Picks of the Weekend” December 27th and 28th

  1. My wife likes to leave me alist sometimes, just to remind me of the jobs around the home I am supposed to be attending to… Here is the list my wife gave to me today (Boxing Day) – best list ever!

    1. Have a lie in (sleep longer than normal)
    2. Read your book
    3. Relax
    4. Drink coffee
    5. Eat cake/chocolate
    6. Do whatever you want


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