Hobbit House II

hobbit house II_madfish wharf

Thanks to one of those unexpected miracles of the Universe manifested through dear friend, Alma McLaughlin, I have been given a great gallery space for the remainder of the season back on Madfish Wharf. Hobbit House II (aka Khan Studio & the GMG Gallery), located at 77 Rocky Neck Ave., Gallery 6, is a beautiful gallery overlooking Smiths Cove with great light and energy. The gallery features the works of Joey C., Donna Ardizzoni, Len Burgess, Tom Nihan, Linda Sodja, Judy Wilburn, Belle & Me, Kathy Chapman, and of course, me.

In collaboration with Regina Piantedosi at YUPO Gallery, G4, we are resuming the fun tradition of weekly GMG Mug Ups at Madfish Wharf, now being held weekly on Saturdays at 9:30am so Joey can come, followed at 11:00 by the Rocky Neck Art Walk.

Hobbit House II (aka Khan Studio & the GMG Gallery)
77 Rocky Neck Ave., Gallery 6
Open Thursday – Sunday
Noon to 8:00 pm, except Saturday, open at 9:30 am for Mug Up
Open other days and times by chance

16 thoughts on “Hobbit House II

  1. It is Rubber Duck’s Saturday morning stop for the rest of the summer. When it gets later in the season and you can just bolt then we’ll go for a ride on the Blue Duck.

    I have a tow rope and you have a SUP board. Amazing videos could be made. It’s a new sport.


  2. Love the layout and the stairway up brings back memories of our old rented place on Wahington Street Lanesville…stayed on the bottom deck in winter way to cold up there :-O think we had about 12-15 staris up never really counted them but did go down them a few times like the old slinky toy Ouch:-) Thanks! 🙂 Dave & Kim:-)


  3. EJ, How late into the season will you host Mug Up? I hope to shake a Saturday loose from work so I can see the gallery, which looks gorgeous, and say hello to everyone. I can’t believe I’ve been here in MA since May and have only seen you once and Joey once.


    1. Hi Linda,
      We’ll plan to do Mug Ups through September and maybe until Columbus Day weekend, if weather stays nice. Although this summer has been gorgeous, it started late and has raced by, and we only just started having mug ups, so I feel the same way – that I’ve hardly seen anyone this summer.


  4. I had the chance to catch a mug up recently ~ I ment to try the yummy looking deviled eggs ~ however meeting some Rocky Neck neighbors, E.J., Donna and Marty took over ~ maybe there will be DEs next time! Fun time for an FOB 😉


  5. EJ – I was in Gloucester for a visit and tried to visit yesterday but you weren’t open – next visit – best of luck with the new project


    1. I actually was back and forth between both spots yesterday, but spent most of the afternoon at Hobbit House II on Madfish Wharf. Sorry I missed seeing you Debra!


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