Snapshots from Jeff Weaver’s New Works Show

Jeff Weaver ©Kim Smith 2013

I took a little break from work this afternoon and ran over to Jeff’s studio to have a look at his new work. I urge to go; you will not be disappointed. Jeff captures the beauty of Gloucester’s waterfront and neighborhoods with matchless skill and inimitable eye. The show runs from now through December 21st. Ricardo Diana Fernandez ©Kim Smith 2013Perfect timing–while there, I met Beverly residents Ricardo and Diana Fernandez, the proud new owners of Jeff’s Cape Pond Ice painting.

Scott and Marie Memhard ©Kim Smith 2013Scott Memhard, owner of Cape Pond Ice, with his lovely daughter Marie.

Jim Holscher ©Kim Smith 2013Jim Holscher, collector of Jeff Weaver paintings, perusing the bins.

SIMPLY STUNNING~ Gorgeous New Works from Jeff Weaver

For more information, visit Jeff’s website.

Tomorrow night look for my latest mini film ~ Macklemore LIVE performing “Can’t Hold Us,” which I filmed at the Xbox Release Party at Best Buy Theatre in New York City this past Thursday Night!

6 thoughts on “Snapshots from Jeff Weaver’s New Works Show

  1. On my way to the Cape Ann Brewery we decided to stop by Jeff’s gallery. As always, I was stunned by the elegance and warmth of his work. It is some of the finest American Realism in the North Shore or anywhere else for that matter, simply world class. He is continuing the fine tradition of Hopper and Sloan, reflecting a nostalgic view of Cape Ann. He is documenting and creating iconic images of a fishing port that I sure hope endures for generations to come. Weaver’s work reminds us that Gloucester’s marine and industrial heritage is worth preserving and fighting for and I sure love my Cape Pond Ice painting!


    1. It was a pleasure to meet you and Diana and to share for a moment your joy in your new Jeff weaver painting. How beautifully you write of Jeff’s work and of it’s value to our community, and to the wider world. Thank you for writing Ricardo.


    2. Ricardo – thanks for your fine comments, and congratulations on your purchase. Excuse my momentary confusion, when you greeted us at Jeff’s door saying that you’d just bought Cape Pond Ice. Wishful thinking, on my part. If you’d like to discuss next steps, or terms, please let me know!

      Best, Scott


      1. Thanks Scott, I read the globe article about CPI. I really hope you can keep it going. You will always be welcome to view the Weaver of Cape Pond Ice at my house.


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