The Fleet


Traditionally I suspect when people think of the Gloucester Fleet or Gloucester Fishermen they think of large draggers, wooden or steel.  Fact is probably over 90% of our fleet are boats less than 50 feet in length and most are made of fiberglass.  Sure there are a few draggers left but that subsector of Gloucester’s fleet is miniscule compared to what it once was.

This morning in the office our fishermen were having a conversation about how many fishermen and lobstermen are due to retire within the next 10 years.  The last great generation of fishermen to fish out of this port are nearing retirement.  The last generation of fishermen who can remember Gloucester fishing when it was humming.

Click photo for larger view.

3 thoughts on “The Fleet

  1. You are right about the number if large staggers which filled the inner harbor of years gone by. By over mismanagement by NOAA/NMFS the Washington DC plan set in motion in the 80’s had come to fulfillment.The elimination of thousands of vessel, small corportations, and multiply thousands of seafood workers has done
    what the act of the 200 mile limit was NOT suppose to do; in changing the community makeups. We fought a long delaying action over the years, from the formation of fishng groups who overcame our own misgivings of each different type and unite against a common foe. I am proud of my effect in the
    early days of all the fisherman and wives who put up the good fight against a corrupt government that want as time just go away. We stood our ground! Now it is time to fit into what is left because we will never go down without a fight.


  2. Great shot ~ not the impressive fleet of yesteryear but change is the one constant we have ~ Keep up the great work ~ Fond memories of Fishing Fleets and the Fort ~ Happy Week to you and your family ~ carol, xxx


  3. Humming indeed and very nice catches…right off breakwalls etc…The friendship with the ocean and bounty – respect. 🙂

    In true friendship, you are never required to surrender your character or your dreams for approval. DJ VanasThanks!


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