SpamBots- A PSA- Don’t Ever Open Email When It’s Just a Link

I get roughly 2-5 emails a day from people I may or may not have heard from in forever whose email accounts get hacked and the hackers generally send out mass emails from their email accounts that say something like-

Hey check this out-

Really at this point we should all have had enough experience and know not to click on links to sites we’re not familiar with but if you’re not here’s your warning.

Apparently my email account just sent oput a round of these.  Don’t click on link’s in anyone’s email to you that is just a line and a link to a weird site you’ve never heard of.

There’s your lesson for the day

4 thoughts on “SpamBots- A PSA- Don’t Ever Open Email When It’s Just a Link

  1. Those emails come to me even more often . . . -often from family members names- but not their accounts . . .I NEVER open those . . .hey . . . I am not being a jerk, but is it really OK to open the email above that says we’ll be screwed if we do open it? (I’m thinking you wouldn’t send it unless it’s OK, but want to check for all of us. . .)


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