Community Stuff 4/6/13

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Becky Shaw


Trouble in the old USSR

Doug Brendel writes-

Joey, our “New Thing” charity in the former Soviet Union is in trouble. We’re losing our warehouse in Minsk. Without a warehouse, we can’t keep providing 225 tons of food and goods to children and families, the hungry and homeless, orphans and old people and hospital patients, in the 4th-poorest country in the world.
For years, our team in Belarus has worked out of a dilapidated old warehouse in Minsk, graciously donated to us, free of charge, by a generous family. But now, the family is selling the property. It will be scraped for a new commercial building.
We urgently need a place to receive, organize, store, and distribute the tons of humanitarian aid we take in every year. Without warehouse space, our work comes to a halt. And more than 16,000 families will not get the help they need.
We can put two enormous 40-foot shipping containers — actually they’re more like metal buildings — on a friend’s property, rent-free.
We’ll have 5,899 cubic feet of storage space — more than we have now — and it will be far, far easier to use.
And all for just $1.30 per cubic foot. This includes site preparation, delivery, installation, the works.
Actually what it means is helping button up a warm coat around a shivering little girl whose parents are simply too poor to get her a coat on their own …
Or putting food on the table for a family shattered by the breakdown of the Belarusian economy … or keeping hot water flowing in the newborns ward of a hospital …
Or tying up the laces of good, heavy shoes on the feet of a homeless person, in a place where the temperatures are still very cold….
We’ve launched a campaign on to raise the money before the deadline.
The link is … All the details are there.
If you could point GMG readers there, I would really be grateful.
Thank you so much!

Hello Joey,

Was wondering if you would like to post that this is the last week that Carol Kriekis’s artwork is available for showing/purchasing. I have attached a promo poster from her gala opening.

Best Regards, Danny Giddings

Alchemy Tapas & Bistro

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  1. Cape Ann Skeptics to Sponsor its Second Annual SkeptiCamp

    Join Skeptics from Cape Ann and surrounding regions on Saturday, April 13th at the second annual SkeptiCamp. A SkeptiCamp is a series of short, fast-moving presentations with an emphasis on audience participation and spirited questioning. This year’s topics include The Marblehead UFO, Distortion of Economic Data, Impacts of Eyewitness Non-Skepticism, Ghosts: An Alternative Explanation, Skeptical Podcasts, Buying Locally, Damned Lies: A Few Thoughts on the Uses and Misuses of Statistics, and The Gunpowder Plot of 1605.

    SkeptiCamp is for anyone who is a skeptic, thinks they might be a skeptic, or just wants to learn more about skepticism. There is no charge to attend. It runs from 10 am to 4:00 pm and will be held at La Trattoria on Main Street in Gloucester. For more information, including a schedule and location details, go to No cost tickets are available at or at the door.

    Skeptics in the Pub and SkeptiCamps are held throughout the world, providing an opportunity for like-minded people to gather and discuss topics in a critical, rational, and scientific way. Cape Ann Skeptics holds monthly Skeptics in the Pub meetings on the third Tuesday of each month.


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