Mosaic fragment in Gloucester – do you know where it is?

The other day I (almost literally) stumbled across this bit of mosaic  half-hidden under the asphalt on a road in Gloucester.  It is the last thing I expected – it looks like a little piece of Pompeii or some other ancient Italian city came over with the immigrants and decided to take up residence. Not many American cities have mosaic on (or under) the streets.  I wonder if there is more mosaic hiding under the asphalt?   And I wonder if this is common knowledge, or if it is something that most Gloucester residents never noticed?

Do you know where it is?

10 thoughts on “Mosaic fragment in Gloucester – do you know where it is?

  1. I haven’t a clue, but I wonder if, in the good old days, public bathrooms/bath houses for beaches had more elaborate walls than concrete and cinder block. Maybe the mosaic came from a wall and was used for fill….. it seems more likely than an ancient Roman bath house, but wouldn’t that be fun! Or if you have found the remnants of, oh, say, Atlantis!!?


  2. This fragmentary mosaic is in the asphalt of Middle Street, at the corner of School St., where Trinity Congregational Church is. I noticed it a few years ago. There are other small mosaic fragments along Middle Street. I noticed another one a few days ago.


  3. I’ve seen several too on Middle Street. I step on one or two of them every morning I go to the Y to swim. But the interesting question only Gail Green has addressed so far is: what did they come from? Presumably a wall or floor somewhere. Was it built in a house in Gloucester? A big souvenir someone brought back from a European tour? A remnant of an earlier civilization? (I’m rooting for that one).


  4. Obviously a remnant of the Byzantine Occupation of Cape Ann,– the furthest Western reach of Justinian’s Empire. The Iconoclasts are still about destroying these precious fragments.


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