Super Moon over Thatcher Island

I’m glad I didn’t give up when I saw this upon arrival…

-Fr. Matthew Green

15 thoughts on “Super Moon over Thatcher Island

  1. These pictures are beautiful! Would you mind giving details of the settings? Is it a telephoto lens? Thanks!


        1. I took some pictures of the moon and they did not come out nearly as nice and I wanted to see what you do! I really enjoy seeing all the pictures you post.


        2. The trick for the moon photos is to use a tripod, and a fairly fast shutter speed compared to what the automatic exposure would be, because the camera will tend to expose for the landscape, not the moon, which is much brighter then everything else in the photo. Also, I used the built–in HDR function, which helps quite a bit.


  2. That,s funny your pictures look like the ones I took. It was nice to see you last night.I’m glad we waited it out. I ended up at Eastern Point Light, and the Boulevard. The fog was crazy.


    1. You got some great ones too,and better reflections because you had a lower vantage point. I saw them on Flickr. I will post a few of them tomorrow if that is OK. I especially like the lighthouse in the fog, and the statue with the moon.


  3. Thank you for going out and taking these photos. What an incredible sight! Especially loved the lighthouse shrouded in fog and mist. Great work, Father!


  4. lvvv site! when I’m at home in beautiful Vermont,i can also see the heavenly gift ;beauty of Cape ANN .thank you for sharing the “gifts” from above!!!


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