Joey Ciaramitaro, a blogger from Gloucester, Mass., called it “ridiculously disfigured” and “horribly disproportionate.”


Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

New York Times, Front Page.  It’s What We Do.

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When Jonesport joined Beals to make a lobster trap tree on the island for the first time last year — it was 56 feet tall — Joey Ciaramitaro, a blogger from Gloucester, Mass., called it “ridiculously disfigured” and “horribly disproportionate.”

Mr. Ciaramitaro said he preferred his hometown’s tree, which stands about 35 feet, illuminating a plaza in the fishing city’s downtown. Each year, a local arts group invites children to decorate buoys as ornaments, which are auctioned off to raise money for the group. There are 353 on the tree this year.

“I think ours has a lot more soul in it than the other trees,” Mr. Ciaramitaro said. “It’s not just a bunch of traps all stacked up.”

Gloucester is believed to have started the tradition of the large lobster trap tree when it built its first one in 2001. Janice Lufkin Shea, who was a Gloucester shopkeeper at the time, was frustrated that Main Street had no holiday display. She saw a tiny lobster trap tree in someone’s yard and thought a bigger version would be perfect for downtown.

Legend has it that when people in Rockland, Me., learned of it, they decided they had to have one, too.

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I mean was there ever any question?  Last year’s fair and balanced poll proved out the numbers without a shadow of a doubt- the Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree Is Clearly the Most Beautiful.   Especially when you factor in the love and care from Art Haven and 353 sweet children who pulled together to adorn our tree with community messages and incredible art work.  You see, Gloucester isn’t just one dimensional.  Sure we have a great fishing community but it is so much more.  The Arts, The Food Scene, The Literary Scene, we’re not just a one dimensional fishing town.  We’ve got it all!

The Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree Has Been Constructed and Adorned With Buoys Hand Painted With Love and Special Messages Of Peace, Joy and Hope By The Children Of Gloucester.  And then there are the sterile generic boring trees erected by prisoners of the Maine criminal system who have been incarcerated for unspeakable crimes against the elderly and sick and destitute.

We’ve Got God On Our Side.  The Results Of The Poll Were Inevitable.

The numbers don’t lie, here’s the poll-


Nice That The Bean’s Buoy Was Featured In The Article-


Here’s the Bean painting her buoy last week at Art Haven-


15 thoughts on “Joey Ciaramitaro, a blogger from Gloucester, Mass., called it “ridiculously disfigured” and “horribly disproportionate.”

  1. I’ve been reading the New York Times for a while but that tops the list for funniest article I have ever read in those August pages. And the second photo, the one of the lobster buoy as a lobster, cracks me up every time I see it. That buoy personifies why the Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree is the coolest lobster trap tree in the world. The rest are just sad replicas.


  2. Keep up the wonderful work and those super buoys! Thanks and merry Christmas to all builders and painters!
    a grateful old Gloucesterite living in Germany


  3. I helped build the tree in Beals this year and last. Nice post, too bad you dont have the tallest tree anymore so you have to pick on something else. Thats ok we can take it! Nice poll though…too bad its all Mass natives voting on it! Look forward to building another year and by the way speaking of disfigured trees have you even looked at yours or are you blind? Each town has its own tree and its own favorites and opinions. You think ours looks like crap and I think yours looks like crap its just a difference of opinions! Look forward to the same conversations next year as well.


  4. Up here in Jonesport-Beals, Maine we were wondering if we could use your shrub as our top next year…would that be ok. Disfigured…give me a freaking break! for a place full of criminals i sure do see alot of Mass. license plates up here in the summer, I guess you just want to visit some of your former cellmates.


  5. Ok, I’m not going to make fun of your tree because it is beautiful, the hard work of the children makes it all the better, and of course that would make me no better than you. That being said… how dare you? What kind of a monster would be little the hard work of the people of any small town to try to bring a little beauty and yes, notoriety to our community. And to lump all of us in this small community in with hardened criminals…. you should be ashamed of yourself. A lot of time and effort went into bringing a little more Christmas cheer to downeast Maine these past couple years. The fact that you feel a need to make fun of someone else hard work… well…I feel sorry for you…


  6. I think all the trees have some kind of special significance or meaning. I know for a fact that alot of hard work goes into building and taking down these trees. Each year we have tried to do something different with ours and next year will be no exception. It is an event that is rapidly expanding every year and we are starting to draw people from all over the state to it. We are very proud of our tree as I am sure you are yours! Sorry to take offense to the “horribly disfigured” comment but I am just sticking up for my tree and community Have a great year and we look forward to the trees again next season! For what it is worth I still think Gloucester’s and ours are the best because they are built for “proven” lobster traps. Rocklands brand new traps make for a good looking tree but I am not sure you can call them “lobster” traps if they haven’t caught any can you?


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