Gloucester in the news: CBS Boston WBZ-TV visits Massachusetts Oyster Project at Maritime Gloucester

Sarah Valencik, a volunteer with the Massachusetts Oyster Project, talks to WBZ’s Chris McKinnon about the oyster’s role in the ecosystem. (WBZ-TV)

“GLOUCESTER (CBS) – It Happens Here in Gloucester – part of Cape Ann, an urban town center surrounded by beaches, boats and beautiful marshland. One of the town’s more famous residents was Clarence Birdseye. He is the man who put frozen foods on the dinner table…” Read transcript and see video here (if it’s not loading below)

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Link to video

Gloucester High School students poised WBZ CBS Boston and GHS Gillnetter

Paul Burton National Walk Out Day report WBZ evening news from March 26, 2018

and links to GHS Gillnetter articles: March 15, 2018 and  March 26, 2018

GHS Gillnetter student newspaper is a must read and fully digitized-accessible

WBZ Gloucester High School students report on line

Greatest Headline Ever- It’s Official “Naps & Lobster Are Good For Health” vis @CBSBoston

Uhmmmm, Heloooo I’ve been saying this for years!-
Naps & Lobster Are Good For Health

CBS Local-Feb 11, 2015

BOSTON (CBS) – For years doctors have been advising Americans to avoid eating certain foods high in cholesterol like eggs, lobster and shrimp, but new research suggests that this is not sage advice.

It turns out your blood cholesterol is dictated much more by genetics than by how much cholesterol you eat in your diet.

That said, saturated fats, like butter, cream, cheese, and animal fats play a larger role in the level of bad cholesterol in your system and those foods should still be limited to maintain ideal cholesterol levels.

Dr. Mallika Marshall says people with diabetes and certain other medical conditions should limit cholesterol-rich foods, but for everyone else, eating eggs and shellfish is probably fine.


Absolutely the greatest headline I’ve ever read.  Great work CBS Boston

Thanks for the tip Bippy

GMG Contributors Just All Over Local Media Today- Kim Smith Cover Story In Cape Ann Magazine Just Released Today!

First Sista Felicia is Featured on CBS Boston this morning and then Andrea Holbrook from The Times posts on Google + that the new issue of Cape Ann Magazine came out with the feature story and front page by our own Kim Smith. #Boom!

It’s what we do here, media mogul type stuff all day long baby!  Smile

Congrats to all our fantastic contributors!

Check It!

June 20, 2014

Time to pick up summer issue of Cape Ann Magazine

By Times StaffGloucester Daily Times

Summer is finally here, and with it comes the latest issue of Cape Ann Magazine, which has started arriving in mailboxes and on local newsstands.

Inside are stories highlighting some of the people and places that make this region special. Features include:

A whole lotta clams: A fifth generation of family is growing into the restaurant business as Woodman’s of Essex celebrates its 100th birthday this summer.

Where the monarchs go: Travel to Mexico with Kim Smith as she follows the majestic, but vanishing, monarchs to their winter grounds.


She’s got the cover photo too-



Go to The Bookstore of Cape Ann and get yourself a copy!  Or better yet, subscribe!!!

Chickity Check It! Sista Felicia In CBS Boston’s Ask A Chef series For Her Mudiga Steak Recipe!!!

Click here to check it out-









Here’s the link

To think that out of all the blogs in all of Massachusetts to win the popular vote, I’m just very very very emotional right now. Love you guys

I’d also like to tip my hat to Adam Gaffin at Universal Hub who IMO has the Best BOSTON based blog and the other nominees.

This isn’t an award for Joey C, this isn’t an award for Joey C and our contributors. this is an award for every person that clicks on their bookmark for GMG, for every person that subscribes, for every person who writes in a comment and encourages us to keep on pushing, this is award for our entire community without which we would have never kept on trying to bring the best of our area and share with the world.
We Did It Together!!!!!

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I’m very proud of the work our team has done on the behalf of our community and to date I’ve  never seen another blog that creates as much original content for the betterment of their community and to remind the world of just how special a place that our community is. Win or lose this competition I know in my heart that the commitment to bringing our readership the best, most timely and entertaining blog we can has never wavered and we will relentlessly keep on our efforts to push the boundaries and dismantle what anyone anywhere ever thought was possible in community reporting especially when you consider that 100% of our efforts are volunteer and based on our love of our community.

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